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Graphic Design

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Vibrance Design

A design subscription agency based in NYC with a aim on crafting elegance, one design at a time. Hello! I'm Bradley Garzon, a certified freelance graphic designer based in New York City. I provide an array of services that include logo design, identity design and branding.

Our goal is to create innovative design that elevates and creates impact, to turn potential into prosperity, by blending modern aesthetics & crafting designs that are unique.

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  • Unlimited Requests
  • Unlimited Designs
  • Flexible Delivery Times
  • One Revision Cycle
  • Pause and cancel anytime

Vibrance Design


Why not just hire a full-time designer?

A senior designer's annual salary exceeds $100,000, benefits not included. Finding available talent is another challenge.Plus, there's the issue of fluctuating workloadsβ€”why pay for idle time? Our solution: a monthly subscription you can pause and resume anytime, ensuring you pay only when there's work to bedone. It's flexibility and financial prudence combined.

What happens if I only need one design?

No problem at all. Once your request is fulfilled, you're free to pause your subscription and simply resume it for futuredesign tasks. Your subscription is flexible, so there’s no waste.

What if I change my mind or want a change in the design?

At Vibrance, it all depends on your plan, we will allow for as many revisions to get the desired design that you seek. Perfection is a journey and we are tag-team partner along the way

What programs you use to design?

At Vibrance, we have all the top tier design recourses available.cingexible pricing for every person. We design in Figma, Adobe CC & Affinity for a whole variety of flexible design needs.

How do I submit design requests?

At Vibrance, we embrace versatility in request submissions through Breeew. Whether it's directly within Breeew, linking to Google Docs, sharing wireframes, or uploading a concise Loom video for those who'd rather talk than type – if you canshare it on Breeew, we can work with it."

How does Vibrance use AI? Will I see it in my design?

At Vibrance, we use GPT-4 for enhanced design analysis.We use AI as a tool to help spot errors & improvements, as well improve tyopgraphy, composition and tweak color palletes. We want to use it use it's critical eye & intellegence to improve designs overall. We won't be using any AI art, unless it's asked via a client.

How long it take for me to receive the design?

Typically, requests are fulfilled within two days. More intricate tasks may require additional time.

Are there any refunds if I don't like the service?

Our commitment to delivering high-quality work means all sales are final, with no refunds.

Can I submit multiple requests?

Absolutely. As a subscriber, feel free to queue up unlimited design tasks; we tackle them sequentially one by one."

Vibrance Design


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