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Truffle Design

Truffle Design, a design subscription service focused on providing affordable and quality designs.

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  • Tailor Your Design Journey
  • Rapid Turnaround
  • Predictable Monthly Pricing
  • Exceptional Quality
  • Adaptability at Its Best
  • Marketing Assets

Truffle Design


what if I only have one design request?

that's totally fine. you can use the service for your single request and then pause your subscription until you have more design needs.

what if I'm not happy with a design?

no problem at all! we'll keep tweaking and revising the design until you're completely satisfied.

what kind of designs don't you do?

while we cover a wide range, there are a few things we don't do: 3D modeling, animated graphics, complex document design like medical forms, intricate packaging, and extensive print projects like books or magazines.

what software do you use for designs?

most of our designs are crafted using figma, a popular and versatile design tool.

how does pausing my subscription work?

we get that design needs can fluctuate. If you sign up but only need a few days of service, just pause your subscription. Our billing cycles are 31 days long, so if you use 21 days and pause, you'll still have 10 days left to use whenever you're ready.

how quickly will I get my designs?

you won't have to wait long! most design requests are fulfilled within just two days. more complex tasks might take a bit longer, but we strive for swift delivery.

what about refunds if I'm not satisfied with the service?

given the high quality of our work, we don't offer refunds. however, we're committed to revising designs until you're 100% happy.

can I make unlimited design requests?

absolutely! Once you're subscribed, feel free to add as many design requests to your list as you like. we'll tackle them one at a time.

do I need a full-time designer, or is a subscription service enough?

hiring a full-time designer can be pricey – often over Β£70,000 a year, plus benefits. and sometimes, you might not have enough work to keep them busy. our subscription service is flexible – use it when you need it and pause when you don’t. this way, you only pay for what you actually use.

Truffle Design


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