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Applaud Software

Startups, enterprises, and governments have all partnered with me to build brands, products, websites, apps and more.

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  • Graphic Design
  • Development
  • SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Design and Development
  • Dedicated consultant

Applaud Software


Who is this service NOT for?

If you’re looking for a impersonal, fast design service that turns around work in 1-2 days, I won’t be a good fit for you (and there’s plenty of β€˜unlimited design’ options out there).If you have a complete plan for your product / service for the next three years and know exactly what you need to do – you don’t need me. Go hire a proper team!If however, you’re at a point where you need an expert with decades of experience who can not only guide you and your team to your next big milestone, but also make it happen for you, we’d probably be a good fit.

Why not just hire an employee?

Hiring is incredibly expensive and time-consuming. You need to attract the right candidates, review hundreds of applications, offer a substantial salary, benefits, and pay the cost of hiring expenses.With my subscription service, you bypass the Β£140,000 salary, perks, and tedious recruitment to save thousands monthly by instantly working with a seasoned professional who is a full-stack developer, designer and marketer all in one.

What software do you use at Applaud Software?

For request and task management I default to Asana, but if you’re already setup on something like Basecamp or Trello, I can work with that.For design work we can use Figma, Webflow, or just plain old Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Websites can be static (HTML, PHP , CSS & JS) or WordPress.Applications can be built with custom frameworks, or standardised frameworks like Laravel or WordPress.

How quickly do you work?

For most requests, you will receive something within 3 business days, usually sooner. For larger, more challenging requests, it will take longer. I’ll always communicate with you and we’ll work out deadlines together.

How quickly can we start at Applaud Software?

Today. After subscribing you’ll be sent a welcome email, we’ll book in a call to get acquainted with the project and you’ll be invited to a private Asana workspace. From there you can begin adding to-dos and I’ll get to work immediately.

Can we have a call first to discuss my needs?

Of course. Book a time in that works for you and we can chat.

Do you create native mobile apps?

Unfortunately no. All websites and applications will be mobile optimised however. Users will be able to add the applications to their iPhone home screens just like a native app.

Do you work on existing projects?

Absolutely. If you have an existing website or app that needs work, I can jump in and patch things up for you. I’m very good at taking existing apps or wireframes and fine-tuning them into beautiful experiences.

How do I manage my subscription with Applaud Software?

You’ll get an email when you sign up with your invoice and a link to your billing portal where you can manage your subscription.You can cancel at any time.

Applaud Software


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