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All Time Design

All Time Design is the flat-rate graphic design service company.

We offer:

βœ… A Dedicated, Professional Designer

βœ… Unlimited Requests and Revisions

βœ… Ridiculously Fast Turnarounds

βœ… Easy and Streamlined Communication

βœ… World Class Customer Support

βœ… One Flat Fee

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  • Graphic Design
  • Unlimited Design Requests
  • Infographics
  • Presentation
  • UI Design
  • Fast Turnaround

All Time Design


Who Can Get Benefited from All Time Design Services?

All Time Design service is shaped in such a way that it benefits almost all sorts of businesses. Our end goal is to help scale your business with our creative designs. All Time Design has had the privilege of serving a wide range of clients and the list includes,Entrepreneurs (both big and small), Marketing Squads, Trainers and advisories, Online marketing personnel, Social Media brands, Tech start-ups, Physical fitness and welfare centers, Creative companies, Writers, Public Relation organizations, Therapy Centers , Branding agencies , Enterprises and much more! Even if you are not one among our listed clients and are looking for a professional designer to tend to your design works, you can explain your need to us over a quick call or mail. We can tailor designs as per your needs and deliver it to you. Schedule a Demo with us. You wouldn’t know until you give it a try. That’s why we have a 21 days risk-free trial for all our users, to check if we are the exact creative brains you are looking out for. You can start sending us your requests from the minute you sign up for the next 21 days. If we fit just right into your business, you can happily extend your partnership with us. If you feel that we are not the right one for you, no worries, you will get your entire money back. What are you waiting for? Start your trial period immediately!

Will You Bind Me In A Long -Term Contract?

Our answer is NO! You can join and leave our services at your own free will. We will never tie you up in any short or long-term contracts. You can sign up for our Standard, Pro, Premium, and Ultimate Monthly plan and can cancel it anytime for zero charges. You will be charged every three months on a subscription to our quarterly plan and you can cancel it anytime.You will be billed every six months when you subscribe to our half-yearly plan. If you have no design requirement, you can cancel your subscription instantly.If you sign up for our annual plan, you will be charged annually. You can cancel your subscription anytime you want.A risk-free trial is offered to all our customers only for 14 or 21 days. No money will be refunded past the 14 or 21 days trial period.

Will You Let Me Use Your Designs For My Clients?

You do NOT need our permission to use your designs wherever you want or for whomever you want. You become the owner of your files as soon as we deliver them to you. Be mindful that you may have a different experience and purpose from that of your clients. Thus, we suggest you use our services for your own purpose or for projects that are not time-sensitive.Why don’t you try us out and learn how well we work best for you and your clients? Sign up for our 21 days risk-free trial today!

What Do We Mean When We Say β€˜Unlimited Designs’ at All Time Design?

You sign up to All Time Design services by paying a flat- monthly fee for unlimited graphic design requests and revisions. When we say β€˜unlimited graphic designs’, we absolutely mean it and there are NO terms and conditions attached. It is NOT for a single design or a revision but for as many designs as you want. All you need to do is to pick it out from our scope of services. ​We queue up your design requests in our dashboard based on your priority. Your assigned designer makes sure to pick it out and work on it each business day and delivers it to you within 2-3 business days. (Your designs are delivered on the same day if you sign up for our Pro and Premium plans and 12 hours turnaround if you signup for our Ultimate plan). Once your request is closed your designer then moves ahead to process your next request and so the process goes!

What Should You Do If You Find Error While Submitting Requests Via Email?

There are times when you would send us your design requests but it refused to reach out to your designer and received an error message, instead. You can stop worrying as you can find a solution for your woe below. One of the main reasons for this accidental error is that you are trying to submit a request with your unregistered email address. In such cases, our system gets confused and pops up the error message immediately. How can you fix this problem by yourself? You make sure to send requests only through your registered email address. That way, our system can recognise you and accept your request instantly. If you logged in with your registered email address and still face the same issue, you can resolve it in seconds with the following methods,

  1. Restart your computer., Clear all your cookies/cache, Check for your email address. At times you might have multiple accounts and might have logged in with an unregistered email address. Do ensure to use your registered email address and save yourself from the trouble. None of the above solutions work best for you? If you need any further clarifications, log in to your account and connect with our customer support executive via live chat here. One of our specialists will definitely find an instant solution for you.
How Do I Submit Bug Report?

All Time Design has a super-efficient technical team to provide smooth and uninterrupted services to all of their customers. At times, some unexpected bugs or issues might pop up to cause real troubles. If you ever face any technical difficulties while using All Time Design platform, we would like you to log in to your account and connect with our customer support executive via live chat with the following details, Your registered email address, Brief description of the issue. Such as denial message on submission of new request, Failed to receive email notification, etc.,, Detailed description of the issue. You need to be as descriptive as possible for us to understand the problem and find an instant solution for it., Share an attachment such as screenshots of the bugs or videos of what is happening with your software etc., to the mail. That way, we would be able to find out the bugs and fix it pretty much faster. Our technical team will get down to their business as soon as they receive your mail. You will be notified once the issue is resolved.

How Do You Find Fonts For Your Designs?

To be pretty honest, we use ONLY Google Fonts at All Time Design for all your designs. We surf through this site for all fonts.Do you want to know why we specifically use fonts from this site?Every font available on the Google Font website is free for commercial use! You neither have to pay nor worry about any licensing issues. In case if you wish to use a special font that is not included in the list, then we suggest you to buy the fonts and send it to us. We will gladly place it on the design and send it back to you!

How Many Revisions Can I Ask For at All Time Design?

It is Unlimited! You can send us as many revisions as you want or until you think that the design has reached its perfection. We will never say enough. Though you might need to keep in mind that making revisions to the design would affect the delivery timelines of your next queued articles.

How to Cancel Your Request at All Time Design?

At times you may have a need to cancel or withdraw your design request. We have an user-friendly dashboard where you can cancel the request easily.

  1. Log in to your dashboard and click on the β€˜All Request’ option on the left top corner of the dashboard., Head over to your queue and select the request that you want to delete., Click on the cancel button at the bottom of the page and your entire design request will be deleted. If you don’t want to login to the dashboard but want to delete a specific request, just intimate your designer through a mail or a message. He/she will gladly do it for you.
How to Duplicate Your Requests at All Time Design?

All Time Design has some really cool features that will save your time and energy. You don’t have to repeat your requests again and again. Your previous requests can easily be duplicated and resubmitted with our Duplicate Request option. Let’s take a look at how to Duplicate your Request. Log in to your All Time Design Dashboard and click on the All Requests tab. Choose the request which you want to duplicate and wait for the request to pop up on your screen. Once the request box appears, click on the Duplicate Request option at the top left corner. Ta-da! A new request, very similar to the previous one, will be created and displayed on the screen. You can make the final changes to the request like changing the request title, description, priority status, etc., and send it to your designer. Remember to attach the files, fonts, and/or sketches, as it might not be duplicated from your previous requests. Sign up to our 21 days risk-free trial today and get easy access to our dashboard.

I Have A Lot of Requests! Can You Help?

Sure why not! We have a whole lot of designers’s team to help you with your requests. There’s a lot to be said for having a certain degree of flexibility that doesn’t clog the production support process, as designs are subjective and ultimately we want our client to be happy. The best way to do that is to split up your one complex request into multiple simpler versions and deliver them in multiple tickets. That way, we can easily organise the requests and deliver you the hassle-free revisions.To do that, segregate all your requests in different set of batches that any individual can handle and manage. Let’s see, how? It can be a sticky situation, no doubt, just being proactive is the solution. 1. Question yourself if the designer would be able to finish this up with no troubles at all. If you get yes as an answer for question, you can go ahead and submit your request through All Time Design Platform immediately.Here's what you need to do if you get No as an answer! 2. Plan properly and split your one complex request into many simple requests. It would help us to understand and process your request better.3. Label them as Batch 1,2,3 and so on (don't forget to mention the subject lines) and send it to us. Clear brief is all we need to get your designs done in a jiffy!

I Need More Answers! What Do I Do?

We see that you still have some unanswered queries in your mind. Don't worry! We have answers to all your queries. All you have to do is send us a mail or message through one of our communication platforms.If you have any issues related to your design request, here’s what you need to do. Send your design feedback and suggestions directly to your designer. The best way to get a great design is to share your clear and concise feedback with your designer. If you are still not happy with the final design, even after sharing multiple feedback, you can reach out to our Account Manager. They will get another designer for you immediately. Do you have issues that are not related to design? You can also send us a message by tapping on the blue chat icon on our website. Our Customer Support Team will find an instant solution for your queries.

I Want To Try A New Designer. What Do I Do?

We try our best to match you with the right designer who can understand your needs better and deliver the designs aptly. Not every match is perfect in every way. At times, you may get tired of looking at the same designs repeatedly and may want to try out a new designer. On such occasions, you can swap your designer and get rid of your boredom. Wondering how to do it? You can just shoot over a message via live chat here. Our customer support team will search the best match and connect you to the right designer.

Learn everything you need to know about our billing structure

You don’t have to renew your subscription every month! All Time Design has an automated subscription renewal system and your account will be renewed every month based on the plan you have chosen. It will help you get an uninterrupted design services.We follow four billing patterns at All Time Design - monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and Annual. Let’s say, If you subscribed to our monthly plan on 5th day of the month, your subscription will be renewed automatically on 5th of every month. In case you subscribed to our quarterly, half-yearly or annual plan, your next billing will fall on 5th day of 3rd, 6th or 12th months later respectively.If you have no remembrance of your sign-up date, you can check your billing date by visiting your Billing Page. ​Subscription Cancellation and Billing Failure ​When your subscription is renewed automatically, amount will be deducted from the credit card you have provided upon your sign up process. If there is an insufficient balance or if your credit card has expired, your account will be automatically terminated and you can no longer access your files.Once your payment is bounced, you will receive your first notice from us. We will try to charge back again for next two weeks at a regular interval of three days.If the card is bounced after two weeks, your account will be automatically cancelled and closed. ​ Just to avoid any unexpected cancellation of your account, we recommend you to keep your card details updated and funded. You can update your credit card details in your All Time Design dashboard.

Can I upgrade my subscription with All Time Design?

Yes, you absolutely can! All Time Design’s subscription model is built in such a way that you can easily add more designers, users and plans to your accounts as you scale up your business. You could upgrade your subscription with these three simple steps. Step : 1 Login to your All Time Design portal using your registered email address and tap on the Account Settings. Step : 2 You will be presented with a list of plans to suit your business as soon as you tap on the Upgrade button. Step : 3 Select a plan of your choice and click on the Confirm Plan button. You will receive a success message as soon as your plan is upgraded. That’s all there is to it!One aspect you may have to consider while changing your subscription is that the upgrade may not go into effect immediately. It may take about 1 - 2 business days for your subscription status to change. If you have any unique questions, log in to your account and connect with our customer support executive via live chat and they will be back with your answers in a flash.

Can I Use My Account For More Than One Brand?

Let’s say I run a design agency and I have β€˜n’ number of clients and brands. Can I use my All Time Design account to send design requests for all of these brands and clients? ​ Absolutely you can! You can use our services for as many clients or as many brands as you want. There are no terms or restrictions tagged. ​ ​But you should be aware that you get one dedicated designer who work dedicatedly on one project at a time. You should be extra careful while using our services for time sensitive clients, as we may need time to review, create and revise your designs. ​ ​Try us out to know how best it works for you!

How Can I Get My Designs?

Whenever we finish working on your design request, we share your designs in JPG, PDF, PNG formats along with its source file in PSD, AI and PPT format through your dashboard. You can also download designs from your past requests by logging into your All Time Design dashboard. But you must be an active customer to access your dashboard.Otherwise, you can log in to your account and connect with our customer support executive via live chat and they will help you get your designs instantly.

How Can You Help Your Designers Get Creative?

Your designers check for your inspirations link or image and try to follow it as closely as possible. They follow your instructions and the brand guidelines carefully while creating designs for you. At times, you may feel that the final design was not what you were expecting and you might want them to try out something new and different. These handy tips will help you squeeze the creative juice out of your designers. Use some really encouraging phrases to knock the best out of your designers.Please give us some ideas or moods on this brand, I would like to see the extent of your creativity on this one., Let’s see how trendy and creative can you get on with this request., How about we try some thing new and exciting? Our pro tip is to give few instructions and more inspirations to show us what you want and what NOT.

How Do I Cancel My Subscription with All Time Design?

Our team works round the clock to provide world class design and support to our customers. And it definitely breaks our heart to see you go. We have solutions for almost all of your issues. You can send your problems to our customer support team and they will definitely find a solution for you.If you still want to go ahead and cancel your subscription, we would like you to send us a cancellation request to, at least a week prior to your subscription renewal date. There are few things that you should consider while sending us your cancellation request.

  1. Send an email to requesting for cancellation at least a week prior to your subscription renewal date., Accept our feedback call and hear us out for one last time before we go ahead with the cancellation process. If you are wondering how to reach out to our Customer Support Team quickly, click on the link attached below and set up a call with us and share your woes.
How Do I Edit a Request at All Time Design?

You posted a design request on your dashboard and had a change of heart later. Thinking on what to do? Don’t worry, you can edit your request with two easy ways.

  1. Ask your designer to do it. Tell them what changes you need through your registered email. They will gladly do it for you. Or,, Log in to your All Time Design dashboard and click on β€œAll Requests” option. Tap on the β€œNew Request” and make edits to your request by clicking on the β€œEdit Request” option.While editing requests through your All Time Design platform, keep in mind that only new revisions will be visible to your designer and he/she might not be able to see your preceding requests. ​ ​You should make sure to provide all the required information to your designer. So that they can deliver the perfect designs that will get them five stars!
How Do I Get My Receipt/Invoice?

From the day you sign up to our services to the date of cancellation, all your receipts/ invoices can be found on your dashboard. You just have to log in to your dashboard and click on the billings section. You can download all your invoices in any format you want and save them to your desktop conveniently!

All Time Design


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