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Castle Design

Experience Unlimited Premium Graphic and Video Design Requests, Complete with Infinite Revisions. Save Time and Money Whilst Streamlining Your Workflow with a Dedicated Creative Team Exclusively Tailored for Elite Brands.

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  • Graphic Design
  • Branding Design
  • Email Design
  • Website Design
  • Presentation Design
  • Motion Design and Video Production

Castle Design


What's need to be included in your design request?

Curious about the must-haves for your upscale design request? Let us guide you through a tailored experience:Articulate Your Design Vision: Share what you're envisioningβ€”the more vivid, the better.Define Your Brand's Essence: Help us get acquainted with your brand's unique identity.Essential Assets: Include any must-have images, text, or other elements.Quick Queries: Answer a few select questions to fine-tune the brief. No worries about fumbling with formatsβ€”our elegant, AI-driven form is woven seamlessly into the Castle interface. Specify your dimensions, choose your file types, and even explore curated stock images right there.For those striving for consistent brand resonance, consider setting up a Brand Profile featuring key brand elements like logos, colors, and fonts. The luxury of unlimited Brand Profiles makes it a breeze to manage multiple high-end brands with distinct identities.

What's included with my monthly subscription fee?

All plans include unlimited requests, unlimited revisions, and Adobe source files. Check out the following services included under each plan:GraphicsUnlimited RequestsUnlimited RevisionsUnlimited BrandsNo Contract1-2 Days Turnaround2 Active RequestsWebsite, App and UI Designs*Dedicated Design TeamFree Stock ImagesSource FilesAlso includes NFT DesignsAdd Unlimited Team MembersIncludes Print & Digital DesignsIncludes Custom Illustrations*7-Day Free TrialVideoVideo Design1 Active Request*Project ManagerDedicated TeamGraphic & VideoGraphic Design PlanVideo Design Plan3 Active Requests*Project ManagerDedicated TeamPriority SupportSlack Channel

What's NOT in Castle's Creative Toolbox? (Spoiler: The List is Short!)

Wondering what's off the Castle menu? While our creative scope is vast, there are some specific tasks that are better suited for specialized or in-house experts. For the sake of quality and efficiency, we steer clear of the following:Extremely complex or fine art illustrationsFillable or interactive PDF documentsComplex photo manipulationDigital painting and game assets3D/CAD projectsHTML, CSS, UI/UX designProgramming, coding, or developmentFile formats outside of our supported file typesTrademarked names, brands, or quotesContent writing or manual typing (typing text from images, coming up with titles for ads, doing research for copy, etc.) Inappropriate demands of a sexually explicit, defamatory, ethnically or racially offensive nature, or anything that contradicts Castle's fundamental principles.

What's "unlimited graphic design" really all about?

Unlimited graphic design isn't sorcery, but it's pretty close. While submitting thirty tasks today won't necessarily yield overnight results, our 'unlimited' guarantee means you can queue up all your design needs and our talented team will chip away at them every single day. And if something's off? Don't sweat it. We offer endless revisions to get it just right.

How to choose the best monthly plan for my business?

Selecting the ideal monthly plan is all about knowing what your business craves:Just Graphics: Choose this if you're all about the visualsβ€”think banners, illustrations, and social media eye-candy.Video-Centric: Go for this if you aim to grab attention with must-watch videos, from promos to animations and beyond.Graphics + Video: Can't decide? Get both! This plan is a jackpot for businesses wanting a diverse and lively content mix. Want the full rundown? Cruise over to our pricing page for all the deets.

What can Castle actually create?

Wondering what Castle can whip up for you? Brace yourself for an unlimited buffet of creative offerings! Elevate your brand with services that span:

Graphic Design

LogosSocial media graphicsFlyer designMerchandise & packaging designLanding page designInfographicsPodcast graphics

Custom Illustrations

Illustrated LogosCustom InfographicsPortraitsMascotsLettering & TypographyColoring BooksComics

Presentation That Pop

Custom decks

Ready-to-use templates featuring:

Custom embedded graphicsEditable formats and source filesChoose from PowerPoint or Google SlidesAnimations and transitions included

Motion Graphics

Animated LogosAnimated Typography (Text and Titles)Animated AdsUI/UX AnimationGraphic LoopsProduct Animations & ExplainersTemplate Editing

Castle Design


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