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Cueball Creatives

Cueball creatives help with high-quality unlimited graphic design at monthly flat rate.

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  • Graphic Design
  • Logo
  • 2D Animation Video
  • Illustration
  • Presentation Design
  • GIFs

Cueball Creatives


Who will do the script and voice over?

You have to provide the script and voiceover and weโ€™ll work on animation and illustrations.

Will I get a refund for missing the cancellation for a month at Cueball?

Yes. Human errors are common. We will make the refund by deducting 20% of the amount. Since we are liable to pay the payment gateway commission and tax as well as the transaction fee.

What do you mean by unlimited graphic design?

Cueball Creatives makes you enjoy unlimited graphic design requests and revisions, you need at ridiculously competitive flat rates. We also provide booster video animation for your branding.Once you schedule the task on asana, our project manager will get all the details and allocate the task to the design team. The designer will design your request. You need not worry and remain focused on your business.

What is request?

Our designers will work on requests at a time. When this request is submitted to you, we move to the next task schedule to us. When you request a revision, based on your priority, our team will work on the request.1 Requests: 1 digital or 1 video reel or 1 print depending on the complexity of the task2 Requests: 1 digital and 1 video reel or 1 print depending on the complexity of the task4 Requests:3 digital and 1 video or 1 print depending on the complexity of the taskYou can submit unlimited design requests.

What type of videos do you create at Cueball?

We can do below mentioned animated videoHealthcare Animated video Educational | Financial Animated video | Hospitality Animated video | Real Estate Animated video | Insurance Animated video| Product Animated video | Event Animated video| Social Media Engagement Videos | Sale Videos | Explainer 2d Animated Video, Demo Video, Interactive Video, Live Action Video, Logo Animated Graphics and even much more of what you find on the web and wish.

When I did not use my account, can I get a refund for any month from Cueball?

We canโ€™t refund because of the inactivity from your end.

How long does it take to make a 2d animation video?

It generally takes 7 working days if it is a 30 seconds video explainer video.

How many brands can I send for design at Cueball Creatives?

Based on your selection of package from our unlimited graphic design service. If you have more brand and requirements, Please kindly schedule a demo for VIP Consultation.

How may i send my request to Cueball Creatives?

Our process flow is rather very simple. Schedule your tasks through asana. Asana platform is available on desktop and mobile supporting both IOS as well as Android.

How we can become your creative partner?

Just schedule a call to discuss the requirement. We are very straightforward and honest. If you need a demo we can do and on satisfaction, you can signup.Our processes are very simple and transparent.

Is cancelling difficult in cueball?

Very easy just send a mail to for cancellation. But we will like to know what would you need from us to sustain you as a long term client.

Mention the designs you are working on

Social Media Designs Website and Blog Banners Book covers & layout Flyers & posters Email signatures Business cards Backdrops Brochures PowerPoint Presentation Infographics Restaurant menus Tradeshow banners Standee Hoardings Magazine ads GIFs, It varies with the package you subscribed. Please refer to What we do section on our website

Tell us more about Cueball Creatives

We are a registered and licensed company located in Salem, Bangalore city, and many other places of, Tamilnadu in India.We have well-talented graphic designers, Animators, web developers, Content writers, Marketing Staff, etc.We follow inspiring leadership management and developed as an energetic team. We have established our clients in India, Canada, U.k, Singapore, Florida, the USA, and across the globe.

Tell me the working hours of cueball

We maintain the team spirit and help you to get the designs very quickly. We are very flexible and coordinate with you to adhere to your time frame. Generally, we work from 9.30 am โ€“ 6.00 pm IST and second Saturdays, all Sundays are holidays.

What are the details required for my design request?

You just name it. We start designing the request with our most experienced designers. You may need to furnish the details such as design size, Orientation, Format [Print/ Digital] Brand Guidelines, Preferred Colours, Inspiration Design, Text Copy, The Stock Image at your request, etc.More description details make us deliver soon.

Are there any hidden fees at Cueball?

Absolutely no hidden fees when you donโ€™t want to use stock, royalty materials. If you require, please provide those materials.

Are we locking into a long term contract at Cueball?

Definitely not at all. You can leave by just sending a mail to us at any time or conveying our project manager.

Are you able to support us, as we are rapidly expanding?

Well we are very happy to work with a company rapidly growing. We become a part of your team. Trust us, we will arrange a one โ€“ one meeting and provide extra resources to support you.

Can I get a refund for erroneous billing when we made cancellations?

Please note that we operate on a subscription model and we donโ€™t accept a refund once you send your requests we work on that.

Do you accept cheque, money transfer or paypal?

At the moment we accept payment from a verified third-party payment gateway called Stripe.

Cueball Creatives


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