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Make unlimited graphic design or video design requests (or both!) and get unlimited revisions. Save time and money with a dedicated design team.

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  • Graphic Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Illustrations
  • Website Design
  • Vibrant Motion Graphics



What does "unlimited graphic design" mean at Design Genies?

It’s not actually magic. Submit twenty tasks today, and they might not be done by morning. However, with our β€œunlimited” promise, you can load up all your needs, and our designers will tackle them daily. Not quite right? No worries. We offer infinite revisions.

How do I pick the right DesignGenie plan?

Choosing the perfect DesignGenie Plan boils down to understanding your unique needs:

  1. Graphics-only (Β£599/month): If your primary focus lies in visual content like banners, illustrations, social media posts, and more, this plan’s for you.
  2. Video-only (Β£699/month): Suited for those who want to captivate audiences with compelling videos. Whether it’s promotional clips, animations, or social video content, this is your pick.
  3. Graphics and Video (Β£899/month): When you want the best of both worlds! Perfect for businesses looking to engage audiences across various mediums, ensuring a dynamic and comprehensive content strategy.

Hungry for more details? Swing by our pricing page here.


What can DesignGenie actually create?

Unleash boundless creative potential with one unlimited plan! Streamline and level up your design journey, which includes Graphic Design, Custom Illustrations, Presentations That Pop, and Vibrant Motion Graphics. Time to create:

Graphic Design

  • Logos
  • Social media graphics
  • Flyer design
  • Merchandise & packaging design
  • Landing page design
  • Infographics
  • Podcast graphics

Custom Illustrations

  • Illustrated Logos
  • Custom Infographics
  • Portraits
  • Mascots
  • Lettering & Typography
  • Coloring Books
  • Comics

Presentation That Pop

  • Custom decks

Ready-to-use templates featuring:

  • Custom embedded graphics
  • Editable formats and source files
  • Choose from PowerPoint or Google Slides
  • Animations and transitions included

Motion Graphics

  • Animated Logos
  • Animated Typography (Text and Titles)
  • Animated Ads
  • UI/UX Animation
  • Graphic Loops
  • Product Animations & Explainers
  • Template Editing


What kind of designs doesn't DesignGenies offer? (Spoiler, not much)

DesignGenies’ unlimited offerings pack a punch, but some creative tasks are best left to specialized or in-house teams. For efficiency and a dedication to excellence, we do NOT cater to the following request types:

  • Extremely complex or fine art illustrations
  • Fillable or interactive PDF documents
  • Complex photo manipulation
  • Digital painting and game assets
  • 3D/CAD projects
  • HTML, CSS, UI/UX design
  • Programming, coding, or development
  • File formats outside of our supported file types
  • Trademarked names, brands, or quotes
  • Content writing or manual typing (typing text from images, coming up with titles for ads, doing research for copy, etc.)

Inappropriate demands of a sexually explicit, defamatory, ethnically or racially offensive nature, or anything that contradicts DesignGenies’ fundamental principles.


What details should my design request include to DesignGenies?

In summary, we aim to gather your input through a simple process:

  1. Describe your desired design.
  2. Establish your brand identity.
  3. Include any necessary assets, images, or text.
  4. Respond to a few pertinent questions.

No need to fret over formatting requests – our intuitive AI-driven form is seamlessly integrated into the DesignGenies Platform. You can input the request’s name, set dimensions and file types, upload your files, and even explore stock images.

Furthermore, we strongly recommend creating a Brand Profile that includes vital brand elements like logos, colors, fonts, and images. This will ensure that your designers consistently maintain alignment with your brand identity. Plus, the ability to create unlimited Brand Profiles makes managing designs for multiple brands effortless!


What’s included with my monthly subscription fee with DesignGenies?

All plans include unlimited requests, unlimited revisions, and Adobe source files. Check out the following services included under each plan:


Unlimited RequestsUnlimited RevisionsUnlimited BrandsNo Contract1-2 Days Turnaround2 Active RequestsWebsite, App and UI Designs*DedicatedDesign TeamFree Stock ImagesSource FilesAlso includes NFT DesignsAdd Unlimited Team MembersIncludes Print & Digital DesignsIncludes Custom Illustrations*7-Day Free TrialVideo(Β£699/month)

Video Design1 Active Request*Project ManagerDedicated TeamGraphic & Video(Β£899/month)

Graphic Design PlanVideo Design Plan3 Active Requests*Project ManagerDedicated TeamPriority SupportSlack Channel

To learn more about each plan, go to our pricing page.




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