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At DesignEminence, we recognized the challenges B2B companies, SaaS startups, and established design agencies face with unpredictable design costs, delays, and inconsistent quality. Our mission is to eliminate these pain points by offering a unique subscription service that guarantees swift delivery of top-notch, 100% unique designs, allowing businesses to focus on growth without design hassles. We're here to redefine the design experience, making it efficient, reliable, and tailored to your needs.

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  • Unlimited requests
  • Swift delivery
  • Fixed monthly rate
  • Premium quality
  • No commitment
  • Exclusively yours



Who are the designers?

It might surprise you, but DesignEminence operates as a one-person agency. This implies that I, the founder of DesignEminence, will be your direct point of contact. For specialized needs like animations or custom illustrations, I collaborate with partner designers with no extra charge

Why shouldn't I simply employ a full-time designer?

That's a valid point! Firstly, the yearly expense of a senior designer currently surpasses $100,000, not to mention the added benefits (and it's a challenge to find one ready to hop on board). Moreover, there might not always be consistent work for them, making you pay for idle hours.On the other hand, with our monthly plan, you have the flexibility to halt and restart your subscription based on your workload, ensuring you only pay when there's actual work for the designer.

What happens if the design doesn't meet my expectations?

No worries! We'll continue to revise the design until you're 100% satisfied.

What if I just have one design request?

That's okay. Once your request is complete, you can halt your subscription and resume it when more design tasks come up. This way, you won't waste any leftover subscription time.

What software do you use?

We primarily use Figma for the majority of design requests.

How does the pause feature work?

We recognize that there may not always be enough design projects to last a full month. You might just have one or two design needs currently. This is where the ability to pause your subscription can be beneficial.Our billing is structured around a 31-day cycle. Suppose you activate your subscription and use it for 21 days before opting to pause โ€” this action freezes the billing cycle, reserving the remaining 10 days for you to utilize whenever it suits you in the future.

How quickly can I expect my designs?

Typically, most requests are done within two days or even sooner. Yet, complex tasks might require more time.

Is there a limit to how many requests I can have?

After subscribing, you can place unlimited design requests in your queue, and we'll tackle them one by one.

Can I get a refund if I'm unsatisfied with the service?

Given the premium quality of our work, we don't offer refunds.

How can I submit design requests?

DesignEminence provides ample versatility in the manner you can request designs through Trello. Clients frequently opt to make requests directly on Trello, or by sharing Google docs or wireframes, and some even choose to send a quick Loom video to avoid writing detailed briefs. Essentially, as long as it can be linked or shared on Trello, it works for us.



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