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Design Stream

Unlimited design work, unlimited revision, satisfaction guaranteed. Learn about the new way we're bringing design superpowers to organizations and superpowered superpeople all across North America.

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  • Graphic Design
  • Unlimited Designs
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Unlimited Brands/Projects
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Logo & Branding

Design Stream


What is design subscription at Design Stream?

Design-as-a-Subscription, or "DaaS" as we call it, is the next evolution in design service models, yet may seem familiar in many ways. It works like your Netflix subscription but for world-class design work instead of world-class films. Every customer pays the same monthly price, whether you watch 1 title or 100 titles. d can request as much or as little work as they want.You can even pause or cancel your account anytime! Yes, really.

Isn't this like a monthly retainer with a traditional agency?

Not exactly. Agencies charge by the hour, or they charge as much as they think their client will pay them. Two clients receiving the same work could receive very different invoices.

Shouldn't I just hire a designer in-house instead of Design Stream?

If you can find the right in-house designer for a long-term hire who checks all your boxes and has the right attitude and corporate culture fit, you should absolutely hire that person! Good designers are very in-demand and hard to find right now. In our home City of Seattle, for example, ZipRecruiter currently reports an average designer's salary between $80,000-108,000. Don't even Google "Senior Designer." Not all companies have these kinds of budgets, or may not have enough design work to justify an entire salary. DesignStream#trade; costs just a fraction and commands the power of a whole design firm. We have artisans of their craft for every discipline. No single designer can match that range or depth.


Design Stream


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