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Pixel True Design



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Pixel True Design

An on-demand, reliable design service where we provided unlimited Illustrations, Graphic and UI Designs for a flat monthly fee. Cancel any time, zero headaches

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  • Fast turnaround
  • Human support
  • Team collaboration
  • Ownership of files

Pixel True Design


What designs can I request?

You'll be able to request anything design, this does not include animations. For more info on what designs you can request visit this page

What does it mean to get 2 hours of design work a day?

You'll get access to a full design team that works with you 2 hours a day (40 hours/month). Your design team will have 3 specialised designers - a UI Designer, Graphic Designer and an Illustrator.For example, if you needed a website re-design, your UI Designer will work with you to create a beautiful design. If you needed a facebook ad design , you'll work with your dedicated Graphic Designer.We take the hassle out of hiring & training a full-design team, so that you can get the designs you need to grow your business.N.B. The same Illustrator, UI & Graphic Designer will work with you every time (unless you request otherwise).

What is Pixel true turnaround time

All designs are custom made! As such the turn around depends on the design request and the complexity. To give you an idea, on average a landing page would take 3-4 days without revisions. For more info on turn-around time please visit this page

Am I locked into a membership

Not at all, you are enrolled on a month to month membership and can cancel anytime โ€“ hassle free.

Can I cancel with Pixel True anytime?

With your subscription you'll be able to cancel anytime. Simply message your Project Manager on Basecamp and we'll go ahead and cancel, no questions asked!

Can I scale up my plans?

As your design needs we'll also grow with you. You'll be able to scale up the number of designers working on your project by subscribing to additional plans.

Do I get a creative design team?

With your subscription you'll get a full creative design team. This includes an Illustrator, Graphic Designer, UI Designer and a Project Manager. Whether you need a new website design, awesome social media graphics, or breath-taking illustrations, we got you!

Pixel True Design


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