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Design Guru

Onboard a dedicated creative team from just Β£749pm. Reduce your marketing costs by up to Β£20,000pa and go to market 50x quicker with our graphic, video and website design-as-a-service model.

Companies like Apple, Nike, Red Bull and hundreds of other industry leaders get it - and their raving fan bases (and soaring stock prices) show it too - mastering the art of digital marketing is critical for business growth.

But let's pull back the curtain. These marketing juggernauts aren't doing it alone. They've enlisted armies of elite in-house designers, top-tier agencies on retainer, and a glittering network of freelancers to fuel their creative engine.

Yet, this level of resource is a dream for the majority of businesses. Particularly, when 72% of marketing teams are buried under requests, 77% are strained by shrinking timelines, and 82% are swamped by rising demands. Enter Design Guru.

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  • Unlimited requests & revisions
  • Dedicated PM & designer
  • Dedicated client portal
  • No fixed contract
  • 14 day money-back guarantee
  • Only the best creatives

Design Guru


What do you mean by unlimited requests?

Once you've signed up, you'll be able to add as many design requests to your job list as you like, and your dedicated design team will work through them one-by-one based on the priority you've outlined. You don't need to pay hourly, or by project, everything is covered in your package.

What type of design work is included?

DesignGuru offers 100+ creative services, including graphic, video and website design. Essentially, we can design almost anything for you, so long as you can explain or show us what it is you want to create. If you have any questions, get in touch with our customer services team.

How fast will I recieve my designs?

On average, the majority of requests can be completed within 48h. However, more complex, highly technical tasks can take longer. The turnaround time will depend on:‍‍1. The length of time you and the DesignGuru team have been working together If you have recently subscribed to DesignGuru and you’re submitting your first task with your new designer, you’ll more than likely receive your creatives back within 24-48 hours.If you’ve been working with your designer for a month or more, you’ll have a great process/system in place, your designer would fully understand your brand, visual identify, preferred style, and common revision points. As a result, this will significantly speed up the turnaround time.‍‍2. The complexity of the creative request ‍A typical social media graphic with simple text overlayed can be very quick to turnaround, whereas something like a multi-page powerpoint proposal, a detailed corporate white paper, or a multi-page website will have a lot of layers that make up the design and will take longer to produce.Your Project Manager will review the complexity of all the creative requests you submit. If there is a particularly, complex request that will exceed our standard turnaround period, we'll let you know as soon as possible.‍‍3. How many creative requests you have in your design queue ‍Your design team will work on one request at a time. If you approve the request at the top of your queue when your designer sends it back to you, we’ll jump straight onto the next one. If there is a delay in getting back to us about revisions and sign-off, this could delay the design of your remaining creative requests.Speak to your Project Manager to discuss the estimated turnaround time and what can be done to shorten this if required.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We hate contracts at design guru. They're restrictive and limit flexibility (plus all they do is line the pockets of the lawyers!). We like to keep things as simple and as straightforward as possible. You can cancel or pause your subscription at anytime all from your dashboard. If you have any issues, make sure you contact us for assistance.

Do you offer a refferal program?

We are currently working on this! In the meantime if you want to refer a business to us, please drop us an email & we can organise a welcome bonus for them, and a reward for you for introducing them.

How do I make a design request?

Our dedicated client portal is as easy as it sounds. Simply click the button to create a new request, send us the details of what you need, upload any attachments and away you go. For any assistance using the portal, you can arrange a demo call at any time.Our dedicated client portal is as easy as it sounds. Simply click the button to create a new request, send us the details of what you need, upload any attachments and away you go. For any assistance using the portal, you can arrange a demo call at any time.

Design Guru


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