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Studio Carroll



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Studio Carroll

Web, graphic, marketing, and UI/UX design partner to gaming brands

Studio Carroll is a design agency for gaming startups. We help founders speedrun the early-stage!

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  • UI/UX Design
  • Website Design
  • Brand Design
  • Social Graphics
  • Wireframes
  • Youtube Thumbnails

Studio Carroll


Who is Studio Carroll?

Studio Carroll is creative director, art director, and multidisciplinary designer, Justin Carroll. I have 15 years of award-winning experience designing for the world’s biggest brands and creative agencies on projects in a wide range of verticals. No outsourcing. No employees. It's all me. See my work on Behance.

Why not hire a full-time designer?

Hiring a full time designer is slow and expensive, multiple tens of thousands of dollars in time and money - costly job listings, countless months reviewing resumes and moving candidates through multi-stage interview processes, salary and benefit negotiations, onboarding and trainings. Employees cost 1.5x their salaries. We've made it so that you can save all that time and money and get a designer today. ‍

What design do you provide at Studio Carroll?

Web, graphic, brand, and UI/UX design services such as websites, social graphics, decks, apps, interfaces, wireframes, visual identity, logos, style guides, style frames, ads, emails, business cards, letterheads, signage, brochures, livestream overlays, YouTube thumbnails, apparel design, packaging, and ideas.We don't do custom motion graphics, 3D design, or illustration - we typically use stock for those.‍

When will I get my design from Studio Carroll?

On average, most designs take a few days - landing pages, social graphics, branding explorations. More complex tasks take longer, in which case we'll update you every few days for feedback. ‍

How is it unlimited at Studio Carroll?

We offer unlimited design requests limited by the time it takes to complete them in the same way streaming services offer unlimited movies limited by the time it takes to complete them. ‍‍

Can I get a refund at Studio Carroll?

Due to the time-consuming nature of custom design there are no refunds.

Studio Carroll


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