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The Futures empowers business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers to achieve more. We are able to take care of your design, marketing, and promotional needs, without you having to leave your desk or directly from your phone. A hassle-free way to build your company image, with a great level of service, at a fantastic price. Imagine never having another Graphic Design headache. With 24/7 access to the best professional graphic designers around, how are you going to spend your new-found time?

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  • Unlimited requests, brands & revisions
  • Account managers available 24/7
  • Fast response times
  • Organized ticketing system
  • Automated ordering process
  • Automated ordering process



Why should I trust you with my content production?

With 20+ years of experience in the creative space, we know what gives your content credibility. We run a successful content production and repurposing service that produces thousands of graphics, videos, slide decks and landing pages every month.

What do you need from me in order to get my content done?

Our clients usually provide a contextual explanation of what they want, the purpose of the content they need to have produced or repurposed and where applicable the texts and images (the β€œassets”) that go on the content. They use our dashboard to send their requests via a text document, loom video, or by providing an existing design that they want to revamp.

What kind of work can you do for us?

We can do a lot. We cover video editing and repurposing, graphics. We also do illustrations, slide decks and and landing pages on β€˜High Level’ and β€˜WordPress.’

What’s the advantage of having an all-in-one solution?

Our customers find it beneficial to have a trusted team that can deliver on all their creative tasks. With your subscription you have all types of abilities when it comes to producing and repurposing content. Having the freedom to jump from one type of design to another one is without a doubt a superpower.

How does The Futures pricing compare to similar services?

We are a subscription service. Meaning that you will be charged on a recurrent basis based on the payment cycles you agreed upon when you signed up. As per our Terms of Service, when you sign up you are agreeing that all payments are upfront and taken automatically from the card you have placed on file. Be mindful that all of our subscriptions are ruled by our Terms of Service which you are bound by and have approved of before getting access to the dashboard and using the service.Please note that if you signed up by using a promo code or received any sort of discount you automatically surrender the benefit of asking for any potential refunds.

How long does it take to make my content production & repurposing?

Making a request is simple. As soon as you pay and go through onboarding (less than 3mins) you’ll be in your request dashboard and can make your request in under 90 seconds.

I have a lot of content that needs to be produced / repurposed. Can you take care of it for me?

Yes. was build in a way that allows users to scale up or down the number of licenses they can use in order to request more content. The more licenses you have the more output we’ll produce for you.

Is the work being produced for me original to me?

Your work is 100% unique to you. We follow your requirements and brand guidelines (if you have them) or match qualities from an existing brand. We can also help you create your own style guides or brand guidelines in order to have this built up for your brands moving forward with any requests. In addition, whenever you request for us to use templates we make sure they’re also aligned to your specific brand and requested messaging.

Plus plan vs Pro plan

The main difference is in the output and level of personalized service. With PRO you will get double the output that you will get with PLUS and also your own private Slack channel with us where you can directly communicate with a dedicated account team.

Can I have several projects active at the same time?

Yes, of course. You can send as many as you want to and you will always have a certain number of active tickets at a time per license, An active ticket equals a project being worked on in real time. Each ticket varies in their length of execution. For example, most graphics get done and delivered in under 24 hours for lower tier accounts. Or if you have an higher account your project may get delivered faster.

How do I communicate with my content production?

All communications happen through our content management dashboard. You get assigned your own team of Account Managers who reply to any of your messages in under 10 minutes, 24/7.



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