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Rockstar Creatives

Great Design makes a positive first impression. It’s that simple.

Scale your business with incredible graphic designs. Get a dedicated team of graphic designers and fast turnarounds. Rockstar Creatives got you covered!


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  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Design
  • Advertising Design
  • Illustrations
  • Layout Design
  • Infographic Design

Rockstar Creatives


What does unlimited graphic design mean at Rockstar Creatives?

Rockstar Creatives' Unlimited graphic design means that you can queue as many design requests as you want. Once all the details are ready and is reviewed by your dedicated Project Manager, the design request will then be transferred to the Designer.

Please remember that we always customize the design according to your needs and instruction, which is why we can only process 1 graphic request at a time. If a request is a priority than the other, you can just let your Project Manager know and we'll process it first.


What are your turnaround times at Rockstar Creatives?

On average, you can receive 2 graphics in 24 hours (this applies to designs like social media posts, banners, cover photo, icons, and single-sided print designs). More complex design requests will need additional turnaround time depending on the workload.


What if I have revisions to Rockstar Creatives?

Our design service includes unlimited revisions. This means you are free to give your revisions to the output until you are satisfied. You just have to inform your Project Manager via the Trello board.


How much is your service at Rockstar Creatives?

For the RC - PRO PLAN, we charge $399 per month. No set-up fee, no hidden charges and absolutely no contract.


Who Rockstar Creatives' service for?

Rockstar Creatives is for entrepreneurs, business owners, digital agency owners, or individuals who constantly need professionally-designed graphics.

Consider Rockstar as your go-to design team - without paying for the overhead cost.


Can I expect world class designs from Rockstar Creatives?

Rockstar Creatives is very honest and a transparent company and never claims to be the number one design service in the world. But rest assured that we hire high-standard and skilled designers to provide exceptional designs for our clients and we have our Quality Assurance team to back that up


What design file formats does Rockstar Creatives provide?

If your graphic design requests are completed in Photoshop, we will provide you with PSD and JPG files. If they're completed in Illustrator we will provide you with AI and JPG files. If they're completed in Adobe XD we will provide you with Adobe XD files. And if they're completed in InDesign, we'll provide you with INDD and PDF files.


Can I have design variation of my graphic request?

We can give a maximum of 2 variations for every design request. By default, we do not initially give another variation but you can request this from your Project Manager. Please expect an additional turnaround time for the variations.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime on your end by logging in to your Paypal or Stripe Account. But if you need help on this, you can reach out to your Project Manager or just email for assistance.


Rockstar Creatives


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