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Stanpo - is the ultimate design subscription to grow your business.

Whether it's a website, landing page or mobile application or brand identity, basically all your design needs are covered with simple subscription.

Unlimited requests + unlimited revisions. Up to same-day turnaround.

You don't need to spend months searching for a senior-level designer and pay over 100k/year in salary with benefits + recruiter's fee.

No more unreliable freelancers, or expensive agencies and you don't have to hire more employees. You have an expert designer on your side for a monthly flat fee.

Startups love our design, Investors love the ROI.

No catch. No hidden fees. No back and forth in negotiations. Pause or cancel anytime.


βœ” Branding βœ” Brand identity βœ” Logo design βœ” Merchβœ” Product βœ” UI design βœ” Prototyping βœ” Wireframing βœ” Product design βœ” iOS & Android βœ” User testingβœ” Marketing βœ” Social media βœ” Ads βœ” Email βœ” Collateralβœ” Sales βœ” Presentations βœ” Demos βœ” Fundraising βœ” Pitch decks

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  • UI/UX Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Website and Mobile App Design
  • Infographics
  • Pitch Decks
  • Design Systems



Why wouldn’t I hire a full-time designer?

Currently, taking on board a senior-level UI/UX designer would cost you $140,500 - $188,250 per year, including recruitment agency fees, taxes and benefits (insurance and other goodies). And you have to spend time to find a really good one available. Here at Stanpo with a monthly subscription that costs you $5995/mo, you have a senior-level designer at your fingertips with the ability to pause and resume your subscription any time you want without hard feelings from both sides.

What if I only have single design request to Stanpo?

Worry not. If you only have one project send us an email or book a call.We value flexibility and personal approach the most. Let's discuss your project.

What is your refund policy at Stanpo?

We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. During one work week you'll receive 2-3 iterations of design, usually that's enough to see if it's a fit.

How many requests can I have to Stanpo?

Once you subscribe, you can add as many design requests as you want to your backlog, and they will be delivered to you one by one.

How "Pause subscription works at Stanpo?"

You may not always have a continuous stream of design work to fill up an entire month, that's totally ok. It's possible that you currently have only one or two design requests. This is where you can benefit from the option to pause your subscription.Monthly billing cycles operate on a 31-day period. Let's say you sign up and utilize the service for 21 days before deciding to pause your subscription. In this scenario, the billing cycle will be paused, and you will have 10 remaining days of service that can be used at any time in the future. This allows you to make the most of your subscription by utilizing the remaining days whenever you have additional design requirements.

How do I request designs to Stanpo?

We're all have tons of chats now. Our goal is to save you from one more chat thread. That's why we chose Notion and Figma. You'll receive an invite to your Notion board. Submit your request in any format that is suitable for you, whether it's a wireframe, Google doc, or recorded video. Basically anything, that can be shared via Notion works. All packages include 1:1 communication. For chats we use Slack or any other messenger that works for you.We also have email if you like to reach out.



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