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Graphic Design

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Asaad (AMDesign) Mahmood
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The Small Square


To build a creative and diversely skilled team with a proficiency in user-centered design. To create products that bring a net-positive impact in society, and to provide an opportunity to join and contribute to a company that holds a strong moral and ethical foundation.


To be the leading user-centered design and dev agency striving to make people's lives better.


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  • UI/UX Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Fast Delivery
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Web and App Design

The Small Square


How will this all work at The Small Square?

Once you're on board, you'll get a Slack invite to a channel as a guest (or using Slack connect), and we'll assign you a board in Notion or Trello.From there, you can keep adding any tasks you want, and we'll be in constant communication in our Slack channel.

How many revisions do I get from The Small Square?

You get unlimited revisions until you're satisfied.

What if I don't have enough work for a full month to The Small Square?

Not to worry, as you can pause the subscription at any point, and then resume when you have work again.

Why shouldn't I just hire a full-time designer than The Small Square?

Hiring a full time designer is expensive, and it may cost you $100,000 or above in certain regions.

Additionally, even if you get a cheaper designer, you don't know how long he'll stick with you or your team. He may go work for someone else, or he may start his own freelancer business.

In this agency, even if one designer leaves, there's going to be another one to pick up the work. Additionally, even if one designer gets sick, or goes on vacation, you'll keep getting your work done on time.


Do you offer a refund at The Small Square?

No, we only offer refund if we do not work at all for some reason. However, for any work that we do, we offer unlimited revisions until you're satisfied!

Are there certain projects that you don't work on at The Small Square?

Yes, we don't work on projects that promote profanity (dating apps, porn), interest related products (banking, insurance), music or the entertainment industry, gambling, or liquor.Why? Check that out in our about page in detail.

The Small Square


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