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Graphic Design

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Carlos Guerra
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Share a Graphic

If you are running an agency, design workload is high, and need a graphic design hand Just Share a Graphic.

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  • UI/UX Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Animation
  • Illustrations
  • Brochures
  • Business Reports

Share a Graphic


Can my designer really create all of the complex designs Share a Graphic mentions?

They do, Share a Graphic only hires experienced and skilled senior-level designers. This includes animation, simple illustration, video and photo editing, motion graphics, infographics, and all forms of graphic design, among others. You can view samples of our work here, as well as our Official Scope of Service here

Is there a minimum contract term at Share a Graphic?

No, there are no contracts, once you finish a free trial you may choose any plan.

What's the turnaround time at Share a Graphic?

Most simple projects can be completed in 4 hours, (or less) which means that if you have multiple simple projects you can expect around 20 projects by month on the Graphic Design and Motion Graphics plan.

More complex projects may take longer. Of course, you may purchase multiple subscriptions to have your projects completed faster.


What if I don’t like Share a Graphic?

You have a week to work with your dedicated designer and get some completed designs. If you don’t 100% love Shareagraphic, you can get a full refund β€” and keep your completed designs!


Share a Graphic


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