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Superside is the leading Creative-as-a-Service (CaaS) company that helps over 450 ambitious brands get great design and creative done at scale. With our design subscription service, marketing and creative teams can unbottleneck design, move faster and drive more reliable creative performance. We help the world's leading companies like Google, Meta, Amazon, Salesforce, Red Bull and Boston Consulting Group with advertising creative, brand design, video production and more. No longer chained to over-taxed in-house creative teams, our customers reduce costs and move quickly with infinite scale.

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  • Support of multiple brands
  • Complete timezone coverage
  • Unlimited users on the Superside platform
  • Personalized onboarding



What is the minimum commitment with Superside?

The minimum subscription commitment is one year. We only offer annual plans because we've found that Superside is best used to meet your ongoing creative needs. By making an annual commitment, we're able to offer you the flexibility to switch between using any of the services available in your plan and rollover unused hours every month. Our dedicated team will deepen it's knowledge and understanding of your needs and preference; the longer you use Superside the more value you're able to get.

How does onboarding work with Superside?

All our customers and new users have access to personalized onboarding run by your Superside team. As new users get added to the system, they can easily be onboarded on a quick 30 min call. During the onboarding process, we quickly and efficiently get you ready to submit projects through a kick-off session where we unpack all the nuts and bots of Superside and your solution. In addition, we run a workshop with you, where we get to know you and your brand deeply, in order to deliver world class creative. Having an idea of your first project is incredibly helpful to get moving quickly.

How much does a typical design project cost? I want to understand per project pricing.

As you can imagine, per project pricing depends on a variety of factors. However, you get a transparent quote for each project. Please contact our sales team to quote out any particular project.Generally, we're significantly less expensive than agencies and a bit more expensive than individual freelancers since we offer project management and creative direction. And, it gets more efficient with scale and the longer we work with you.

I have a lot of design projects. How does project management and/or sprint planning work? And how do I work with the dedicated design team?

Superside is build for volume and scale! This is our bread and butter, so rest assured, you're in good hands.You'll be assigned a dedicated creative project manager or CPM. All your design tasks and projects, whether ongoing in nature or one-time, will be run through your CPM. You can submit all your projects via our frictionless platform but we can develop custom ways of working to meet your needs.The platform does the heavy-lifting in terms of tracking the status of the project, estimates, billing, file sharing, feedback and annotations; while the CPM works in the backend to ensure smooth delivery and makes sure that the designers and creatives on your dedicated team understand the goals, objectives and parameters of your project.We mold our processes to fit with your existing ones, so if you operate in two-weeks sprints for example, sure that's awesome. If you have longer campaign planning and want to be prescriptive about the design execution needed, thats fine too.Book an intro call with us and a specialist can walk you through all the details.

What billing options does Superside offer?

We offer credit card billing or invoicing.

Can I choose my dedicated design team and creative director?

Our process is designed to eliminate all waste and keep this hassle-free for you. Your dedicated creative project managers will be your main point-of-contact so you do not need to juggle conversation with different designers. Your dedicated creative director is there to ensure that every asset is on-brand and the highest quality creative. Feel free to set up time with them to explore new ideas and get fresh perspectives.

Does Superside do custom plans?

Yes indeed, we can customize the number of hours in your plans based on set levels.

How do I know which plan is right fit for me?

We can help guide you! Just book a call with us and we'll figure it out based on your team's needs as well as your expected design volume and velocity. Let's find the best option, together.



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