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Takashi Hirakimoto
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Open Bookmarks Co.


"Build Trust Through Design"

Open Bookmarks Co. specializes in developing an outstanding MVP (Minimum Valuable Product) brand/website with a focus on UX design. Your MVP brand/website will be launched within 8 weeks, enabling you to swiftly test your business demand and lead-generation capabilities.


Open Bookmarks Co. is a freelance design project by Takashi Hirakimoto based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. 8+ experience at advertising agencies. Specialties are graphic design, web design, eCommerce, branding through UX design.


"Excellent experience and top-notch design work. Fantastic communication and a great end result. Look forward to working with you again in the future!"

- J.R. | Co-Founder, Blockroots

β€œTakashi understood the required job. Took directions well and adaptable to my recommendations for the brand identity. In the end, I’m happy with the end product and the budget was right for this job.”

- D.D. | CPA, CA, One EightyΒ°

β€œTakashi did a great job on our social media. We regularly update our contents to improve conversions, and he is always quick to implement changes we request. Their monthly reports are also extremely valuable to us.”

- D.J. | Digital Marketing Manager, Tourism Vancouver


● 5+ years of experience as a graphic designer at advertising agencies

● 5+ years of web design experience as a freelance designer

● UX(user experience) certificate at

● Proficient in Adobe CS (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver), WordPress, Webflow, SEO, and Digital Marketing (Google Ads, Facebook Ad)


● The work takes precedence over anything else

● Listen carefully about what you need

● Exceed expectations

● Be on time

● Accomplish 100% customer satisfaction

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LinkedIn @TakashiHirakimoto

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  • Graphic Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Wordpress Website
  • Webflow Website
  • Motion Graphic

Open Bookmarks Co.


Why wouldn't I just hire a full-time designer?

The median salary in 2020 for a full-time graphic designer was $53,380. Most startups and small businesses don’t need daily design services in addition to not having the budget. Save money with more flexibility while maintaining high quality. Our flat-rate plans come with unlimited revisions and start at just $1980 per month. You can cancel at any point after the minimum requirement.

How many requests can I submit at a time to Open Bookmarks Co.?

Each plan allows you to have one on-going project at a time. This helps us stay consistent and organized in our approach. However, we are reasonable and flexible if there are extraordinary needs. As this is the beta version, we will be providing design subscription services to only 5 loyal clients.

How many brands can I submit requests for to Open Bookmarks Co.?

We are happy to work with as many brands as you request as long as it is you who is directly utilizing the material for the company or companies you represent. We do not do designs for resale.

How long do requests take to complete Open Bookmarks Co?

Our target turnaround time is 1-5 business days depending on the volume of work. We do take our promise very seriously and aim to get you your designs as soon as possible.

How do I request designs to Open Bookmarks Co?

We provide the sample order sheets as a reference in doc or excel once the contract has been initiated. Currently, requests can be shared via Slack, but in the future we plan to incorporate our own online system.

What details should my design request include to Open Bookmarks Co?

After starting a subscription, we guide you through this simple process with our standardized sample order sheets. We will request a range of relevant information, from usage (print, digital, etc) to size. In our experience, the more specific information a client can provide us, the happier that client is with the results. In addition, we can avoid misalignment and miscommunication.

What if I don't like the design from Open Bookmarks Co?

We would be very sorry to hear this, but you don’t have to worry. All of our subscription packages come with unlimited revisions so that you always get what you need. If this happens, we would ask that you send us specific, constructive feedback so that we can quickly update your design.

What does unlimited graphic design mean at Open Bookmarks Co?

You can order from us whatever designs your business needs during the subscription term. We provide graphic designs in both print & digital forms. Just as we value our own users’ experiences, we also value yours. We help strengthen the consistency of your impression and message, and if you have not built your brand yet, we will guide you through the process. In a nutshell, we adapt to you, whatever your needs may be.

What if I only have a single request to Open Bookmarks Co?

Our business model is built around knowing our customers. As a subscribed member, our success hinges around your success. Unlike designers from Upwork or Fiverr, we are consistently focused on coming up with ways to help your business grow. Our team is happy to collaborate with you on new ideas and new approaches, as we very much value the user experience.

What kind of designs can you create at Open Bookmarks Co?

Our team has a strong background in graphic design (print & digital) as well as website design. In addition, we also create e-commerce and social media-related designs. Our designs can be applied to a wide range of applications detailed in the above section. If you have any specific questions regarding the scope, please contact us at,

What kind of designs aren't offered at Open Bookmarks Co?

We collaborate with our close partners who are experts with mobile APPS, UI, 3D animation and motion design, as these are not our specialty areas. We want to provide a truly comprehensive service, so these design types can be added on to any subscription for an additional fee.

How do I submit and manage my requests at Open Bookmarks Co?

Currently, we are primarily communicating with clients via Slack. We are also open to using project management software such as Asana, Monday, Basecamp, Trello, etc. If you have any requests, please don’t hesitate to let us know. For requested design files, we use a cloud drive for sharing. All of your work will be available on the cloud so that you can reach it anytime, anywhere.

How many users are included with each subscription at Open Bookmarks Co?

Working with the primary decision maker improves productivity on both the client side and ours. However, we don’t mind if you include others in the process.

What are the business hours of Open Bookmarks Co?

We are available Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST) every business day. However, you can contact us during off hours or days, and we will do our best to get back to you ASAP. We aim to be as efficient as possible in meeting customer demands.

Where are you located?

Our team is scattered throughout North America, but we are headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Please let us know if you are visiting, as we can recommend you some great local spots!

My business is rapidly expanding. Can Open Bookmarks Co keep up?

We exist to help those companies looking to grow faster, so if you are rapidly expanding, we will strive to meet your added needs. If this is a concern, feel free to contact us to discuss if our solution is right for you.

How hard is it to cancel a subscription with Open Bookmarks Co?

The subscription plans each have a minimum time requirement, but after this expires, the client can cancel very easily with no strings attached. We understand the UX design principle, and we always wish our clients the best. All design files created during your subscription will be fully owned assets of your company and available for you in the cloud.

Open Bookmarks Co.


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