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Graphic Rhythm

Graphic Rhythm is a full stack graphic design agency that specializes in helping digital agencies serve their clients with beautiful and carefully crafted graphic design.

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Graphic Rhythm


Who is Graphic Rhythm for?

Graphic Rhythm is great for all small businesses, coaches, consultants, course creators and content creators. We also happen to specialize in Digital Agencies. We consider ourselves a full stack design agency that is poised to help you not only with your Daily Design needs, but also the big design projects you have and your visual identity needs

Who owns the designs that you create at Graphic Rhythm?

Once you finalize a design we transfer ownership of the intellectual property to you. As a condition of working with us you grant us a perpetual license to use the designs we make for you in our portfolio.

Will I have the same designer every time?

No, not necessarily. As often as possible we will match you to the same designer you are used to working with (as long as it's going well for you both) however our designers are real people who have workloads, and personal lives, vacations and sick days so you could have a different designer at times

Will you 'install' the A+ content in my Seller Central account?

No - But we will provide you with step by step instructions for installing it yourself

Will you take the photos I need?

We don't offer any photography services, just graphic design. However, if you would like we can work directly with our partner photographer and pass their invoice through to you. We also offer rendering services.

What if I have a lot of listings to do?

If you need us to design more than 5 listings for you at once, then you should get in touch with us to discuss your options.

What is Identity X?

IDX started as a visual identity only service - Logo, Visual Identity Guide etc. It's now our custom projects department where we handle all of projects that don't fit neatly into another box. This can include big Amazon projects, Identity services, Packaging design, web design, or other projects where you need a more personal approach with the attention of not just a designer, but a creative director and account manager

What is the turn-around time for Amazon projects?

The turn around time varies greatly depending on factors such as how complete the information we have is, what the status of the photography is, how long it takes you to approve each step and others. In general we find that it takes a minimum of 15 business days and up to 30 business days depending on your project. We will provide you with a project timeline after we receive your intake form.

What is your turn around time at Graphic Rhythm?

We will get your designs back to you within 48 business hours. Please use common sense though - if you have a big project or complicated design it could take a little longer.

What kind of projects can I do with Identity X?

The most common projects are our logo and visual identity projects and packaging design. However, our clients constantly surprise us with the various needs and requirements that they have - if you've got something in mind, get in touch and we can discuss it.

How do you handle variation listings?

Variations are billed at a rate of $49 each which includes very basic edits to your copy and swapping product photography. More complicated edits may be subject to additional fees.

How do your Amazon Seller services work?

A lot goes in to creating an Amazon image. Amazon images are essentially advertisements. Because of that, they require research, copywriting and conversion optimized design. Our services allow you to purchase the images for a single listing and provide us all of the information needed to get started. After we receive your order, we will get back to you with our proposal and a project timeline with 3 business days.

How does the trial work at Graphic Rhythm?

You are welcome to try Graphic Rhythm out for the first 30 days for only $199 ($100 off!) - After your first 30 days you will be billed $299 per month unless you upgrade your plan or cancel

How many brands can I submit requests for Graphic Rhythm?

You can have an unlimited number of brand profiles in your design portal and reference them as needed for your design projects

How many revisions are included with my project?

We include 2 rounds of revisions with every Amazon project.

How much is the service at Graphic Rhythm?

Daily Design is $299 per month

Can you create A+ content or Storefronts?

Yes and yes. Storefronts are considered custom projects, you can get in touch with us about your custom project by going to the Identity X page.

Can you help me with a single one-off project?

The short answer is yes. We created a service called Identity X which is a custom project service. This is a 1:1 personalized service where you work directly with the creative director to see your project to completion. IDX projects typically start at $499 and will vary based on the scope. Because of this if you need a low investment design done, it's usually best to sign up for our Daily Design rather than make it an IDX project.

Can you take care of big design projects?

Yes we can - in the past we have helped brands with big visual identity changes, the design for hundreds of Amazon listings, and website overhauls.

Do design credits expire?

Yes they do. Your design credits will roll-over up to 2X your plan level. Once you have reached your maximum, then the remaining credits expire. Additionally, if you cancel your subscription your credits will expire on the last day of your subscription.

Do you deliver source files at Graphic Rhythm?

Yes. We deliver your project with the screen ready and working files. If you have a preference for what type of working file you would like, then you can let us know, otherwise we will deliver it in the designers preferred format

Do you offer listing optimization services? (Title, bullets, description)

Yes we do! We include it as part of our Ultimate Listing Bundle as well as a stand alone service.

How do design credits work?

Your subscription entitles you to a certain number of design credits every month. The credits represent access to our design team. Credits are not transferrable and have no value, they are just a unit of measurement.When you submit a request, the designer will assign the request a credit value based on the design type and the effort involved in producing the design. Most designs fall in the 1-3 credit range. Complicated designs like logos and pdfs can exceed 5 credits.

Graphic Rhythm


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