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Flowjo Design

Design + Webflow Subscription service. High-end month to month design services. Unlimited requests. Cancel or pause when you want.

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  • Graphic Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Website & Webflow Design
  • Webflow Development
  • Unlimited Development and Support Requests
  • Unlimited Revisions

Flowjo Design


Who is doing the work at Flowjo?

We're a two person Webflow certified team, so you are getting work straight from the founders. Hi, I'm Matt and he's Hien.‍

Wtf is Webflow?

Webflow is the best design platform in our humble opinion and therefore the only one we use to design and deliver. If you have a Webflow site and need some help maintaining and building on it - we got you. If you want to move your site, holler at your boys and we can scope out a project for something that big and tasty.‍

What does onboarding look like at Flowjo?

Onboarding is pretty straightforward. We do a 1-hour onboarding call (it usually never takes that long) to make sure both parties are a good fit, you provide us with an overview of what your needs are, we read through the request and approval process, the tools we use, and we're off to the races.‍

What if I need long-term support?

You can sign up annually if it makes sense for you. We'll even knock off 15%! It's only fair since you're putting your full belief in Flowjo! It may also be the case that you need some project work, like a whole brand and website or something like that. If that's your biggest need at the moment, hit us up and we can get you a cost for the project and you can maintain and grow with the Flowjo subscription from there!‍

What is the turnaround time at Flowjo?‍

The answer you want to hear is "yesterday" or "as soon as possible," but the actual SLA is no sooner than 2 business days from the time the request is submitted.‍

How do unlimited requests and revisions work at Flowjo?

Unless you have the 'Extra Sauce' aka the Enterprise level plan, we deliver requests one at a time. You can add as many as you like to your queue and we will work them until you're completely satisfied during your subscription. A big reason, aside from our sanity and commitment to quality deliverables is that this is the fastest way for you to get what you need. Simultaneous requests make for confusing priorities and a lot on your plate as well.‍

I'm not on Webflow now but want to be. Can you migrate my site to Webflow?‍

In the immortal words of Stone Cold Steve Austin – "hell yeah!" Not to brag but we've migrated sites from basically every web platform under the sun to Webflow, so we can definitely help you with this.

Is there a free trial at Flowjo?

We're just two guys and we're having a good time, so we don't have any freebies at the moment. Keeping the lights on and all. You can get a big, fat discount (15% off) when you commit to a year if your hunting for that sort of thing.‍

Are there any refunds at Flowjo?

No, refunds are not available since we use this subscription model to block off our time for you so we can knock out world-changing designs. That time costs money, so outside of us severely effing something up (knocking on wood, this is something that has literally never happened since we take pride in our work), there are no refunds. With that being said, if you're ever unsatisfied for any reason with our services, feel free to reach out and we'll do our best to accommodate you.‍

But I love meetings...said no one ever.

No one has ever been upset with one less meeting and the time we get back allows us to put our heads down to knock out your tasks. We make ourselves readily available through Slack and email, and that's usually enough for us get the deliverable exactly as what you had in your head. However, if the request is crazy complicated, a meeting to walk through it may be necessary but our goal is to be 99.999% async.‍

Can I check the status of my requests at Flowjo?‍

Absolutely. We use Airtable for the form request and that's also where we work your requests. As a part of your onboarding, we'll share a link with you so you can see what's being worked on and what's in the queue. If you ever want us to prioritize a task, slack us.‍

Do I pay month to month?

Flowjo is designed for month to month payment, so you can cancel or pause whenever you're ready. ‍

How do I manage my FlowJo subscription?‍

When you sign up, you'll receive a welcome email that contains a link to log into your customer portal (via Stripe) where you'll be able to manage your subscription.‍

Flowjo Design


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