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Enduo Media

UNLIMITED Subscription Graphic Design for Churches. Dedicated designer assigned to your church. Save time & money. Plan ahead & get organized. Enhance your impact in the community. Subscribe today!

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  • Graphic Design
  • Print Design
  • Screen Design
  • Social Media Design
  • Apparel and Promo
  • Website Banners and Ads

Enduo Media


How does it work at Enduo Media?

You subscribe to one of our three available packages. Within in 1 business day, you will be contacted and assigned your graphic designer. You will also have the opportunity to schedule a demo of your project management platform and schedule your first creative meeting. You will then be invited into your customized project management portal where you will be able to start submitting your design requests. The month you subscribe is also the month that your creative meetings start, unless you request otherwise.


Can I cancel at any time with Enduo Media?

You may cancel your subscription with Enduo Media at any time. Upon cancellation, you will continue to have access to our services through the end of your paid billing term plan. There are no refunds for partial subscription plans under any circumstance, including unused time on a plan.

What is included Enduo Media?

Refer to our subscription plans to review what is included with each package.

How do we submit design requests to Enduo Media?

You simply fill out the graphic design request form located in your project management platform (Wrike). We receive your request in real time and get to work. You can see where in the process your design is and communicate with your designer directly within Wrike. All of your proofs and final files will also be uploaded into the same place. If it’s a printed item that we ordered on your behalf, we also share the link to the tracking information. No need to search for files in your email. Wrike can be accessed from your desktop or by using the Wrike App for your phone or tablet. We want working with Enduo Media to be easy, convenient and efficient!


Can we submit multiple requests at the same time to Enduo Media?

Of course! You are welcome to submit as many requests as you want. However, the subscription plan you choose determines how many projects can be worked on at a time. If you have multiple ministries within your church that will be making submissions, we recommend choosing our premium package which allows you to have unlimited projects open at a time.

What is not included with the monthly subscription with Enduo Media?

Logo design, branding/rebranding, web design, motion graphics, videos, and booklets more than 6 pages are not included in our monthly subscription packages. However, these services are available as an add-on project for an additional charge! Request a custom quote here.

What turn-around time should we expect from Enduo Media?

When you submit a request you will include your desired date for completion. You can expect a 1-3 business day turnaround for your initial proof unless the scope of work within in your request requires more time. However, projects will be prioritized based on the needed completion date included on the request, rather than the order that they are received. Printed designs will take priority over digital designs due to the added 1-3 week printing/shipping requirements.


What happens if we are not satisfied with a design from Enduo Media?

Your designer is committed to working with you until you have a design that you love. We produce designs that deliver to the details included in your graphic requests form. It is best to include as much information and detail as possible in your submission so we can achieve what you are looking for. Revisions to a design usually take 1-2 business days, depending on the type of changes. Some revisions can be done in a matter of minutes!


What is a creative meeting?

A creative meeting is a 45 minute brainstorming session with your graphic designer via video conference call. This is time that we set aside specifically for you and your key staff members to encourage and inspire you in your weekend services and events in the months ahead. We will work through any questions you may have about your graphic design possibilities, suggest new design ideas for you to try, and help you begin to plan ahead and get organized. These meetings take place quarterly, monthly or bi-monthly depending on your subscription plan. At the end of each meeting we send you a PDF outline of the topics discussed and action items for you and your staff so you can stay on top of things and remember what was discussed.

Are source files included from Enduo Media?

They are included with our standard and premium package. Just let us know what source files you need and we will upload it to your project management portal. (Source files are the original editable Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign file that was used when creating your design)

Do you offer printing services?

Yes! We can coordinate the printing and shipping of materials from vetted vendors that we have partnered with. Most of our churches choose to have us place the order on their behalf so they can avoid making ordering mistakes. It also allows Enduo Media to have a direct line of communication with the print vendor, should they have any questions about your project. When submitting your design requests, there is a place to indicate if you would like us to send you a printing quote for your design. Once the invoice is paid for, we will place the order on your behalf. When tracking becomes available, we upload it to your project management portal. There is a 10% print coordination fee added to the printing & shipping quote for this service.


Can we have multiple users under one subscription at Enduo Media?

Yes, you and your key staff members may all utilize one subscription and submit requests for your church. However, if you have multiple campus locations you must purchase a subscription for each campus.

Does an individual request have to be submitted for each graphic?

It depends on your preference! Using Easter as an example; Your graphic needs may include print, social media, and the main series design. When submitting your β€œEaster” request, you can just list all of your individual graphic needs in the description. On the other hand, you can also submit individual requests if that works better for you.


What types of design requests can I submit to Enduo Media?

If it can be printed or shown digitally, we can likely take care of it for you! Many of our churches have submitted requests for sermon series design, announcement slides, banners, invite cards, connection cards, t-shirts/apparel, social media, promotional/giveaway items, brochures, business cards, mailers, lower-thirds, posters, booklets and more!

To see what is not included, read the β€œWhat is not included with the monthly subscription?” FAQ.


What if I have a graphic designer on staff already?

Some of the churches we work with already have a full-time or part-time graphic designer on staff, but need to outsource some projects to another designer if their workload becomes too heavy. We are happy to work alongside your graphic designer and take some projects off of their plate.


Do you only work with churches?

Nope! Although the majority of our subscriptions are churches, we have worked with many non-profits and businesses as well! If your non-profit or small business has a need for regular custom graphic design work, we would be happy to partner with you!


How far in advance can I submit requests?

At Enduo Media, we are big advocates of planning ahead and getting organized. However, we do ask that you do not request projects be completed/finalized more than 3 months before you plan to share it digitally or place a printing order.


What if I have more questions to Enduo Media?

We are always happy to answer any more questions that you may have!Email: contact@enduo.media Message on Facebook: Click here Phone: 704-781-7107

Enduo Media


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