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We Are Heroes Digital

We work with startups who want design to do more than just look pretty.We believe that design is crucial to business growth, and that too many startups jump straight to marketing without getting design right first.After over 10 years working in the industry I wanted to create an agency focused on using design to grow businesses rather than just to look pretty. To use storytelling, copy, and creative strategy to smash business objectives rather than harm them.Too often, startups settle for design that is just about aesthetics, created by agencies who only care about their next portfolio piece, instead of using design to actually convert customers, and build loyalty and brand advocacy.We Are Heroes is here to change that, through our unique approach to design-led growth, using strategy, storytelling, design thinking, and experimentation. We want to help startups realise that design can help grow their business. And that experimenting with big ideas doesn't have to be risky.We'd love to help you solve your business problems through design.

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  • UI/UX Design
  • Graphic Design
  • User Research
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Unlimited UI/UX Designs
  • App Design

We Are Heroes Digital


Who will my designer be?

Chances are your first designer and consultant will be our founder, Chris! But if not, you'll get a chance to meet and chat to the designer before we start work, ensuring you have a great working relationship. As we grow we are expecting to hire a larger and larger team, but you'll always have a senior designer that is focused on your work.

What does unlimited design mean at We Are Heroes Digital?

Unlimited design means unlimited design requests. We'll work with you to your needs to deliver projects on time based on your design requests. Typically we'll work on 1 request at a time, but we're in it with you, so if scaling quickly means an extra push for a week we'll work with you to deliver.

What if I already have a design team?

That's not a problem at all! We can easily plug into your design team, or work separately as an entirely different resource focused specifically on growth. Whatever your needs are, we'd be more than happy to discuss them and see if we can accommodate them.

What sort of impact can I expect to see?

This is almost impossible to answer, but some of the projects we have worked on before include helping BrewDog increase their e-commerce revenue by 10x in 2020, reworking Alva's menopause consultation to bring them their first online sales and increase consultation bookings by 70%+, and helping Lifted significantly increase the conversion of organic traffic on their website through content.

How long the designs take to complete at We Are Heroes?

This varies depending on the project. It could take 1 hour for a simple tweak, or 2 months for a large project with multiple screens, workshops, and research. Our designers have years of experience, and will work quickly to deliver everything you need as promptly as they can.

How much can you do per month?

Again, this varies depending on the project, but some examples of what we have completed in one month would be: a full website design, a web app dashboard, a browser extension UX and UI, and the onboarding flow for a native app. This all depends on the scope of the work, how much research we need to do, and how much strategy work there is. What we can always say however, is that we will always deliver against any agreed deadlines as long as they are reasonable!

How quickly you can start?

We can typically get started within as little as a few days. We like to kick off things as quickly as possible, so we can get started on your impact-driving designs!

Is there a minimum commitment?

There is no minimum commitment on any of our plans. You can cancel at any time and scale up or down as you need. And because the first month is a lot more strategy work and planning, we offer 50% off the first month on every plan.

Is this subscription good value for money?

We've seen typical agency retainers reach into double, triple, and even beyond what we are charging per month for the same (or worse) results. We pride ourselves in being lean, and helping you use design to achieve business growth - instead of wasting your time with needless presentations and budget meetings.

What billing options are there?

We invoice our billing every month rather than charging by direct debit or credit card. This means that we can easily adjust your resource based on your requirements every single month. Monthly invoices need to be paid in advance in full before we begin the next months work.

We Are Heroes Digital


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