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Graphic Design

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Vibrant Agency

Vibrant Agency headquarters is in San Luis Obispo, California. Vibrant Agency is in the sectors of: Promotion, Specialties in Graphic Design, SEO, Google Grants, Website Design, AdGrants, Social Media, E-Commerce

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  • Graphic Design
  • Videos Design
  • For Church Campaign
  • Illustrations
  • Social Media
  • Monthly and Annual Subcriptions

Vibrant Agency


Will they work with our entire team?

Yes! A Communications Director serves the needs of the entire church staff. So whoever in the church needs their event designed or marketed, or any meetings created, they will work directly with your Communications Director to fully service all of their needs.

What if they are not a good fit?

If at any time during your contract you are not satisfied with your Communications Director, you can contact us to discuss switching to a new hire from our lineup to replace the relationship that is no longer a fit.

How many hours do they work?

Generally, this position is accountable to perform the required responsibilities and work, more than determined by actual hours worked. So you will work to have an open conversation with your Communications Director to make sure that the responsibilities fit the time allotted.

How many people do I have to hire?

Only one! The beauty of hiring your staff through Vibrant Agency is that your Communications Director comes fully equipped with their own media team. They can now produce graphics, videos, websites, or anything else you need... without any additional cost to you. Finally, one hire does the full job!

How much do they cost at Vibrant?

We don't have pre-set prices. The salary expectation varies depending on who you are hiring, and their experience and background. But a general rule of thumb is to offer a standard competitive salary for the position you are hiring. During the hiring process, you can discuss with us what your staffing budget allows for you to offer for a salary.

How often are they on site?

Your Communications Director can travel as frequently as monthly to on site, depending on your needs and their closeness to your facility.

Are there contracts at Vibrant?

We start each employment with a 6 month contract, because it takes time to truly understand if working together is a mutual good fit. After the initial term, it is a year by year commitment.

Are they a part of our weekly meetings?

They are absolutely a part of all and any meetings you need them to be! Just like any other staff member, your employees are expected to make themselves available when you need them, which includes staff meetings, one-one-one meetings, and whenever you need. We can use Zoom, Teams, Slack, or whatever other video meeting service that you prefer.

Do they only work remote at Vibrant?

We have trained and equipped Communications Directors that are located all over the US. The Communications Department of a church is one area of ministry that is fully capable of having remote employees, since almost all of the job is computer work. Although they will be remote employees, your Communications Director is more than happy to come on-site frequently each year for key events, meetings, and general relationship building.

Vibrant Agency


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