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Running a digital agency is hard.

We know because we were a generalized agency before rebranding into UnlimitedWP in 2019.

We’ve experienced the pain and frustration of the feast and famine cycle, trapped in a neverending loop of lead generation and delivery.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could focus all your efforts on lead generation and avoid the ups and downs of balancing client fulfilment and keeping the work pipeline full?

This is where we come in.

You close deals and continue selling while we act as your fulfillment partner.

No more hiring and management headaches.

We’re available for you, every day, to help with anything WordPress.

It’s that simple.

We’re dedicated to helping our clients grow their profits, save time, and scale their agencies.

Try our white label WordPress service with a 14-day risk-free guarantee.

There’s nothing to lose but so much to gain.

Achieve the freedom you’ve always wanted: try us out today.

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  • WP Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Web Audit
  • Technical SEO
  • Bug Fixing
  • Day to Day Support tasks.



Who is our ideal client?

We primarily work with web and digital agencies, contractors, consultants and freelancers. Our typical agency partner has at least 3 active clients.Our agency partners choose to work with us because either they are time-strapped or need more expert WP resources on their team.

Will you support more sites than mentioned on my plan?

Of course! You are welcome to upgrade to one of our larger plans. For more than 100 websites to support and maintain per month, contact us for more details.

What details are required to setup support on my website?

After you have purchased your support plan, you will be requested to share the WordPress admin credentials and file access securely over LastPass. This helps us connect to your site in order to install our services offered (i.e., security monitoring, backups, and plugins). Our staff keeps these credentials private and will never share these details with anyone not associated with UnlimitedWP.We will also request to share information regarding customized plugins where we need to be extra careful before making updates.

What happens in an event of site hack?

We continuously monitor all the sites that have an active Care site add-on subscription. We use a Malware scanner from our security partner, BlogVault to monitor the sites. If the malware is detected, our technical support team will manually review for all such instances to make sure those alarms are not false positive. In an event when there is an actual security issue on the site, our goal is to respond and mitigate the issue immediately within business hours. Security concerns will be taken upon with the highest priority over any other development or support tasks, company-wide.For the instances where the site is hacked to an extent where malware removal tools do not help and manual cleaning is required, we will use your 30 minutes allocated per month towards manual cleanup. In the instance of deep infection where a longer time is required, you can signup for our development support packages for site cleaning.We do our very best to keep any of your site’s functionality from failing. We take a full backup of your site before performing cleanup. In instances when your site’s functionalities fail, we urge you to reach out to our Support team. We are here to help.

What happens once I sign up?

Once you sign up, you will receive an email within 1 hour from our side with all the onboarding details and access to our PM tool which would help you get started quickly and assign the tasks. Your account manager would introduce you to your dedicated project manager and would request an onboarding call within 12 hours of signup.

What is your refund policy?

We have a 14-day risk free period to test our services during sign up. If you do not wish to proceed with our services, a refund will be issued for your order on request.

What kinds of websites do you help with?

We are 100% focused on helping those with WordPress websites of all shapes and sizes, including personal websites, small business websites, large scale websites, membership, WooCommerce/eCommerce, and e-Learning sites. Our team has experience working on over 500+ different types of WordPress sites. If you require support with Shopify sites, kindly reach out to your assigned project manager and we might also provide support with Shopify after reviewing the project needs and availability of the team.

What other things do I need to know to work with you?

We have done our best to describe all frequently asked questions on this list. You can always schedule a demo call with us to learn more.On our PM tool, we provide all important information and links right on the dashboard, such as links to the google drive shared folder, monthly website maintenance checklist, sample project coding brief, and tutorials. If you wish to onboard your dedicated project manager from UnlimitedWP to your workflow, you can easily do with with scheduling a call with your project manager.

What type of tasks can I assign?

You can send us any type of task that is related to WordPress, Design, SEO, PPC, and Shopify. Tasks within WordPress can be, for example, new website development, customization requests, debugging, resolving conflicts with other plugins, fixing bugs, site security, theme updates, plugin updates, content migration, website migration, On-Page SEO, and working with page builders.For Shopify, we can help with new website development, configuration, integration and connection with 3rd party platforms. Any task requiring custom Shopify application build will be out of scope.You can check the full lists of different services you can access with your plan here. We do not restrain our clients on the type of development task they can assign.

Where can I get more information?

For any other queries not covered in FAQ, you can always write to us at hello@unlimitedwp.com or schedule a demo call with us.

How do I share confidential information of websites like credentials and account details?

We use LastPass for sharing site credentials and account details, which is much more secure and manageable across teams compared to sharing it via emails, texts, or comments. You can share all the credentials to our LastPass account id: access@unlimitedwp.com. We usually need the WordPress admin credentials and FTP account details to work on any project.

How do the monthly payment works?

All your website support plans will be managed under one monthly subscription. Our website will charge you monthly from the date you signed up for the first time and the total amount for all your subscriptions will be charged during the renewal. You can always visit the β€œManage Subscriptions" page on our PM tool to find more details on a number of active support plans.

How long does it take to complete a task?

That depends. To help you understand how UnlimitedWP can free up your time, we have listed some examples of the small, medium, large, and new/redesign of website tasks on the pricing table under β€œSample Tasks”. Small and medium tasks have a typical turnaround time of 24-48 hours, and the type of task determines it. There is no task too big for us to handle.

How long does it take to get one website done?

Every website is different, depending on the number of pages, complexity of the design, third party integrations, custom theme vs. using page builders, and functionalities outside of WordPress core. We have dedicated testers in our team who test work before delivery, which also adds to the timeline. We can only give ballpark estimates from our experience.You can get two landing pages developed in one week of a starter plan., Typically a five unique template page website takes 3 weeks on our Pro package.Custom designed sites with a custom theme and custom field (ACFPro) typically takes 3 weeks on our Business plan.

How many revisions do I get?

There is no limitation on the number of revisions you can get for any given task. Our team of developers and designers are dedicated to providing you 100% work satisfaction.

How often do you backup my website?

We backup your website daily, automatically. Backups of the past 90 days are retained and can be used to restore the previous version of the site.

How to place orders of a new website build or a larger project?

We have created a project coding brief template that covers areas such as client info, asset sharing, plugin preferences, deadline, functionality notes, page designs, and plugin license. Our coding brief has been tested with over 100+ projects to ensure it’s the best effective way to transfer your project discovery notes over to our team in one standard format.Once the project brief is filled out and reviewed, our team will create each page or significant areas of the website as separate tasks in our PM tool. We will get started working on the task based on priority and offer daily comments on tasks.We have a different version of a brief coding template for woocommerce based e-commerce websites.

How will I be billed?

Your credit card will automatically be billed each month, for the amount of your plan(s), on the day that you signed up.

I have multiple clients and tasks, how does that work?

We can assist you with managing multiple clients and tasks. We have a project management tool wherein you could create tasks for different clients and set the priority order basis on which our team would work and provide daily updates. If you already have a project management tool established within your organization, our project manager will work within your systems and workflow to help you manage clients and their tasks.

Is WordPress multisite supported?

WordPress Multisite and Multi-network is not supported on Care site addon. We would require a thorough understanding of your existing setup and configuration in order to start with the maintenance and updates of the sites. Please reach out to us at hello@unlimitedwp.com to discuss about the maintenance of Multsite.

What are your hours? Where are you located?

We have offices in Boston, USA, and Ahmedabad, India. All of our development tasks are carried out from 12:30 AM to 9:30 AM (EST time zone), so you have all your tasks completed and ready to share with your clients every morning. Your assigned Project Manager will be working during your timezone to collaborate better with you. Project Managers work during 5:30 AM to 3:00 PM (EST time zone).

Are the site reports white label?

Yes, the reports generated for the sites are made completely white label with your company Logo and Name on the reports.Our white label reports include backup, security, uptime and performance report.

Are website backups taken in real time?

No, Website backups are not taken in real time. All the backups are taken on a fixed time daily.

Can I really have unlimited tasks?

Yes, you can create and assign an unlimited amount of tasks to our WP Experts. We’ll handle one task at a time. Once the task on hand is complete, we’ll proceed with the next task. Unlike our market competitors, we do not limit the type of task or time limit for each task.For our internal management of the team and to be fair with all clients, on the pricing page, we have provided a general range of time in hours WordPress developers spend on your tasks per day.We’re fair, and we’ve found our monthly clients are as well. We support a reasonable number of tasks per client, and we will let you know if you’re stretching the friendship.

Can my clients make direct requests to the support team?

Yes, we have a white label PM tool for which we can provide an access to your clients. Your clients will never see any of our team members and will still be able to create tickets/tasks for us. We will share the updates on the task comments. It is up to you if you would like our comments to be visible to your clients or you can just copy and paste the same comment for your clients from your account. All your comments will always be visible to our team and your clients.

Can we hire UnlimitedWP for a one-time project?

Yes, you can sign up for any of our Dev plans and cancel the plan upon the project completion or you can sign up for the bucket plan (with one-year validity) for one-time projects.

Do you help with the monthly maintenance of my client websites?

Website retainers and WP Care Plans are an essential part of the agency's offerings. It helps to ensure your client websites are secure, updated, backed up, not broken, and ready to generate leads and support marketing activities.We have crafted dedicated systems and processes to support the monthly maintenance of WP websites. Check out our WP Care plan page for more details. You could also request for on-going maintenance to your project manager under the development plan if you prefer to use your tools and systems.

Do you offer 24/7 technical support?

Our technical support hours are from 12:30 AM to 10:30 AM Eastern Time, Monday to Friday. Any support tickets submitted during off-hours are immediately attended to during our regular support hours.

Do you offer any SEO services?

We can help with all SEO of your website except the content. We can also help make recommendations regarding SEO tools within WordPress and help you set those tools on your website.

Do you offer phone support?

Yes, we do. You can always schedule a call with your dedicated Project Manager to discuss any tasks or projects. We use Zoom for voice and video conferencing.

Do you use the staging site to make the updates?

Routine site updates are performed on live site directly. Once you signup with a site which had not been updated for a long time or if there is a major update released by plugin, theme or WordPress, we would do the update on staging first and then after your approval, the updates are performed on the live site.

Does the site hosting provider matter with maintenance and support?

No! We’ll work with any website regardless of where it’s hosted. That being said, for the sites hosting on AWS, Pantheon, Azure, and Google Cloud, an additional $15/month is charged.Also, we may not be able to achieve your speed and security goals on shared hosting with limitations by hosting providers on shared hosting.

Does UnlimitedWP have any site size or storage limit for backups?

We typically expect a site to use up to 5GB of space. However, if you have a larger site, please let us know. If it is for fair use, we will make an exception (at no additional charge). We are currently supporting customers having sites spanning 6+ GBs of data.We do not limit the backup storage. Our backups are taken incrementally so files that have been updated since the last backup are only backed up again, rather than taking a new backup of entire site files and database again.

How are you different from the competition?

As our plan says, we do offer truly unlimited tasks. You can assign any type of WP tasks that you want without any time constraints. Our plans are not limited to only the support and maintenance of websites. We also include new site development, plugin customization, plugin development, custom theme creation, data migration, server setup, and custom fields.After building our web agency in both Boston and Ahmedabad, India, we wanted to find a way to help other agencies. So we took our team of highly qualified WordPress developers and launched a white-label WordPress partner program for growing agencies. It was a huge success, and we were able to deliver results on time every time to our partner agencies.Inspired by the success of our white label WP program, we launched UnlimitedWP to help more agencies grow. For some agencies, we are the core dev team for all things WordPress, and for some, we are on the bench and ready to get tasks done.

How can I change or cancel my plan after signup? Is there any lock-in contracts or hidden fees?

There are no lock-in contracts, and all of our plans are month-to-month, which means you can cancel any time before the start of your next billing cycle. We also have no hidden fees or overages. You can see a list of everything that is included in each plan on our pricing page.

How can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

Our goal is to be more accommodating to your changing needs rather than locking you down to any plans. You can downgrade when you do not need the help and upgrade when there is a surge in demand.Upgrade: You can log in to our PM Tool and choose to upgrade your plan anytime. Your next billing date will remain the same, and you will be charged prorated (partial period) to be upgraded on a new plan till the next billing date. Example: You purchased a STARTER plan on April 15th, and your next billing renewal date is on May 15th. You can choose to upgrade to a PRO plan on May 7th. You will be charged prorated to be on PRO from May 7th to 15th. Your next billing date will remain May 15th the same as before. On May 15th, you will be charged for the PRO plan.Downgrade: You can log in to our PM Tool and choose to downgrade your plan at any time. You will not be issued a refund, but instead, you would get credit on your next month's bill payment. Example: You purchased a PRO plan on April 15th, and your billing renewal date is on May 15th. You can choose to downgrade to the STARTER plan on May 7th. You will not be refunded, and your billing date would remain the same, instead, the amount would be credited to your next bill due on May 15th and you will be charged for the STARTER plan minus the credit amount for the period of May 7th to May 15th.

How do I request work and get updates on work in progress?

We've designed a more flexible way for you to collaborate with us. You have two options to choose from:Integrate with Your System: If you already have a project management system in place, you can onboard your assigned project manager into your system. They'll seamlessly adapt to your workflow. When you need WordPress tasks done, simply submit them within your project management environment. All communication about the tasks, updates, and delivery notifications will smoothly occur within your chosen system.Use Our Custom PM Tool: Alternatively, you can opt to use our custom project management (PM) tool. It's easy to use and tailored to your needs. Submit your WordPress tasks within this tool. All communication, updates, and notifications will continue to be handled within our PM tool. You can get a glimpse of how it works by checking out our demo here. And, don't worry – you'll still receive email notifications for task updates.No matter which route you select, collaboration remains efficient. You input tasks, and we take care of the rest. We'll provide daily progress comments, update you upon task completion, and eagerly await your feedback. For more detailed information about different types of tasks, such as new website development, monthly maintenance (including tips on creating WP Care Plans for your clients), and support services, explore our FAQ section.



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