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Tremendo Studio

Tremendo Studio is easy Web Design & Art Direction for your startup at a monthly flat fee. With our custom-built platform, we offer an efficient, streamlined process for unlimited design requests and revisions. Ideal for dynamic entrepreneurs seeking fast & smart creative solutions.

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  • Custom Dashboard for project management
  • Unlimited Requests
  • Unlimited Reviews
  • Average 2 days delivery
  • Web Construction built-in subscription
  • Cancel or Pause anytime

Tremendo Studio


Why is it a monthly subscription?

Because we’re all about making design as effortless as breathing – imagine your design needs on autopilot, but with wayyyy more sparkles and way less worrying about the 'how' and 'when'.

How does the monthly payment work?

It’s your all-access ticket to our design rollercoaster- a ride we’re sure you’ll never want to get off!. It’s a fresh start to conjure up more design wonders each month.

Can I contact you anytime?

Sure thing! Drop us a line through our app or via email. It’s like sending a bat-signal, but for when design needs call. But, calls? Not so much; we’re preserving our voices for karaoke nights. Jokes aside, we prefer these methods for their reliability and documentation benefits.

What happens if work is finished before the end of the month?

You can always pause your subscription. Think of it as hitting the pause button on a thrilling series. Your remaining days gets banked, ready for the next binge-worthy project season. Left over days are rolled up and you'd have them available when you decide to return.

What isn't included in the subscription?

The fantastical (but tricky) realms of complex illustrations & animations, 3D work, weekly magic gatherings (sync calls - we prefer the bat-signal), workshops, hosting & domain costs and paid fonts.

How do we start a project?

You can book a call with us or simply click "Join Now". You can start enjoying the design subscription right away!

What if my project needs exceed the subscription?

For projects that go beyond our "no-no's", we’re happy to discuss and tailor a solution that meets your expansive needs.

Is the hosting & domain cost included in the subscription?

Think of hosting & domain fees like side dishes at a fancy restaurant. Well, we'll guide you through the menu and make sure you order the perfect meal, but the cost of these extras is on your tab.

What happens if I need some task urgently?

At Tremendo, we're always zipping through design challenges at superhero speed.

Rest assured, every project is a priority, and we work tirelessly to deliver your designs as quickly as humanly (and creatively) possible.

How are revisions handled?

We provide unlimited revisions (yeah, you read right) to ensure the final design aligns perfectly with your vision, offering a collaborative process to refine and perfect your projects. We have neatly crafted a specific Delivery tab to keep project management organized and easily accesible.

What if I don’t like the job done?

Don’t worry! We will work on your design until you are completely satisfied. Our mission? To make you so happy, you’ll want to throw confetti.

Can I add team members?

Sure can! Think of it as creating your own supergroup for design. Invite unlimited team membersβ€”there's no cap. It’s like having an all-access pass to the coolest club in project management town. No bouncers, no guest lists, just seamless collaboration.

Does it fit me if I have a project once in a while?

Absolutely! Whether you're a once-in-a-blue-moon visionary or an occasional creative comet, we're here to make your sporadic projects pop. Who knows? You might just get hooked on having us in your corner. You can always pause the subscription and come back later.

How do I contact you?

Got a burning question or a brilliant idea? Hit us up through our app or fire off an email. Think of us as your design hotlineβ€”always on standby to bring your visions to life, minus the hold music.

What programs do you work with?

We wield Figma for crafting those sharp, sleek designs, Webflow for creating websites that glide smoothly, and Notion to keep everything organized. For communication and management, our app and email are your go-to channels, and we use Loom for times when we need to show rather than tell.

Do I need to pay extra for app subscriptions?

Nope, no hidden fees or treasure hunts here. All the digital tools we use to elevate your projects are part of the packageβ€”no extra charge, no surprises. Just pure, unadulterated creative joy.

Tremendo Studio


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