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Tokyo Calm

A new design agency offering unlimited design for one flat monthly fee.

Brand identity

Product design

Scalable design systems

User Experience


Web Design

Social media, email, ads

Print Design

Business & presentations

Motion design

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  • Graphic Design
  • UX Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Website Design
  • Social Media
  • Print Design

Tokyo Calm


Who is the Tokyo Calm subscription most useful to?

Put simply we are best suited for companies that value design and want quality designs that speak to their brand in the quickest way possible.

Who owns the creative output?

You and your company will own everything Tokyo Calm produces for you. If you want the native files you can even have those. Our designers work in the Adobe Creative Suite for most projects and Figma for all digital based projects.

What does unlimited design requests really mean at Tokyo Calm?

It means exactly that. Every month you’ll have unlimited design requests and unlimited revisions. Simply submit your design request and after it has been reviewed and approved your designer will pick up the next task in the queue.

How long do projects take to complete?

That all depends on the project. It could be anywhere from 1hr for simple tasks to 4 weeks for massive projects. Our elite designers know time is money and they work as quick as they can while providing your company top of the line deliverables.

How quickly can I get my project started?

Within a few days or in some circumstances the same day! Sign-up is super simple and lean so we can get going quickly. We’re ready when you are.

Do you do solo design projects (non-subscription)

Yes! We’re happy to take on solo projects. Pricing will depend on the scope and turnaround but we’re here to help with whatever you need.

Do you offer web & app development services?

At this time we can only offer customers web development within WordPress. We do not currently offer app development as part of the subscription. If you have a need for App developers we’d be happy to recommend contractors from our network.

How are designers assigned projects?

We only partner you with designers that have the right talent for your project. For instance, you wouldn’t be assigned a master illustrator to design a responsive ui but rather a senior level or higher designer that has many years designing for applications and the web.

Tokyo Calm


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