The Design Project

The Design Project

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The Design Project



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UI/UX Design

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Dianne Eberhardt, Alessandro Prioni
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Feb, 2020
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The Design Project

Passionate UX problem-solvers here to help your startup succeed. The Design Project is a blend of multi-disciplinary professionals from all walks of life, who provide UX design that resonates with your users, and nurtures loyalty throughout your product’s lifecycle. Dev ready designs, fast delivery timesβ€”and scalable processes that eliminate hiring headaches

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  • Fast delivery times.
  • Dev ready designs.
  • Personal relationship with your designer(s) based in your timezone.
  • Proprietary tools to help our designers understand your business.
  • 2 week money back guarantee.
  • Pause or Cancel anytime.

The Design Project


What if I want to cancel my service?

You can cancel anytimeβ€”just let us know in an email and you are good!

What is a realistic turnaround time?

Usually in two business daysβ€”it really depends on the complexity and urgency of your request. Every time we work on a new project, we will align on when we can deliver!

What types of projects do you work on?

We focus on products and apps. Working with products that are currently out in the world with users is our sweet spot. We implement UX best practices, user insights and create great UIs to improve product KPIs.

I need my designs ASAPβ€”can you help?

You can reach out to your designer and they will prioritize your project. We want to help you succeed!

Do I really get unlimited design services at The Design Project?

Yes! You can submit an unlimited number of requests to your design queue at anytime, and your designer will work through them one by one. Forget the days of paying per project or per hour. With The Design Project, you pay the same flat monthly fee no matter how much you use our services.

The Design Project


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