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Unlimited designs at your fingertips. From a small team with over 15 years of combined design, UX, and development experience working with local businesses, startups, and corporate empires. Subscribe and submit your first design request in minutes!

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  • Your own design Board
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Super fast delivery
  • US-based designers
  • Fixed monthly price
  • Pause or cancel anytime



Who are the designers?

We're a small team of 2! Logan Sepeda, Co-Founder and Webflow Developer handles most of the website design and development process.Aidan Bennett, Co-Founder and traditionally trained artist takes care of the majority of branding projects.Together they have a combined 10+ years of experience in creating designs, websites, social media posts, mobile apps, and more!You're in good hands.

What is an active task

An active task is defined as any ongoing design assignment. Given that most designs undergo a revision process, a task remains active until all revisions are completed and final approval is granted. The Standard package allows for only one active task at a time.

How many designs can be done in a single month?

Design tasks are typically completed within a span of 2 business days, the timeframe varying according to complexity. Quick-turnaround tasks like social media assets can be finished in a day, while a comprehensive web homepage design may take up to 3 days for the initial draft. Our designs are entirely bespoke, crafted to meet your specific requirements without relying on templates.By subscribing, you enlist our services for all your design needs, and you have the flexibility to determine the volume of work you entrust to us.

Shouldn't I hire a freelancer instead?

Finding reliable freelancers can be a challenge, with limited availability, uncertain quality, and the potential for time-consuming management of multiple individuals. Costs can also escalate quickly.Our subscription service offers a dedicated team, consistent quality, efficient communication, and a predictable monthly rate. It serves as a hassle-free alternative to engaging freelance designers.

Shouldn't I hire a full-time designer?

Contemplating hiring a full-time designer? Here's the lowdown: they come with a substantial annual cost, exceeding $100,000, and the challenge of sourcing available talent. However, what if your design needs vary?Enter our monthly plan! It's all about flexibility and cost-effectiveness. You can pause and resume your subscription as required for design work, ensuring you're not paying for downtime. It's a budget-friendly alternative.

Shouldn't I hire an agency instead?

Agencies frequently entail higher costs in comparison to alternative choices.Moreover, agencies might handle a larger number of clients, potentially resulting in divided focus and delayed response times.Communication and collaboration tend to also become more intricate when dealing with agencies, given the presence of multiple stakeholders and layers of decision-making.

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Absolutely, upon subscribing, you can input an unlimited number of design tasks into your Trello board, and they will be addressed sequentially according to your specified priorities.

Are there any contracts?

Nope! You have complete autonomy. You can handle your subscriptions directly on Stripe once and anytime after you subscribe, or simply inform us, and we'll gladly pause your subscription.When you're prepared to resume, we'll be here, maintaining the same level of enthusiasm.Your satisfaction remains our top priority, regardless of the route you decide to take.



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