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Never let your creatives be the reason for poor ad performance. Sparkle is the fast lane to scaling your ad production. Imagine having a reliable design team thatโ€™s easy to work with and always available. With Sparkle, you'll never need to wait for designers to get back from vacation, chase freelancers for revisions, or be limited by what your in-house team can do.

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  • Unlimited requests & revisions
  • Lightspeed turnarounds
  • No hidden costs
  • Quick and easy process
  • Dedicated designers
  • File ownership



What is the difference between Auto Ads and the Unlimited plans?

With Auto Ads, youโ€™ll get a fixed number (4) of requests every month, providing our ideas for new creatives from all media types (images, videos, GIFs, 2D animation). However, with the Unlimited Plans, you can request as many creatives as you need. Note that the Only Graphics plan only allows you to request graphic designs while the Unlimited Graphics + Videos plan allows you to request for any kind of creative you need.

What is the turnaround time?

The turnaround time is up to 48 hours. Note that the turnaround time may vary depending on the complexity of your request and the number of active requests you have in your queue. For bigger projects, you will be informed ahead about possible delays (if any); otherwise, you can expect to receive your design on time.

How does the free trial work?

Once you sign up, youโ€™ll be given free access to Sparkle, where you can send your first design request for 1 CREATIVE - FREE OF CHARGE. The creative can be either an image or a video. The Sparkle team will work on your request and submit the design within 48 hours. Once you receive your requested design, you can ask for unlimited revisions until youโ€™re happy with the result (for more details, go to the Start Free Trial sign-up page).

How many orders can I submit at once?

With the Unlimited plans, you can submit as many orders as you need, with 3 orders in design at any given time. That means you can place around 90 orders a month. With Auto Ads, the number of orders is fixed (4).

How many revisions can I request?

As many revisions as you need. Keep in mind that every revision might take 1-2 days, but other than that, feel free to ask for revisions until you get exactly what you want.

I own/manage more than one brand. Can I request designs for multiple brands?

Yes. All of our plans include unlimited brand profiles. This means you can send design requests for all the different brands you manage or own using a single Sparkle account.

Is it possible to work with the same designer all the time?

In general, your dedicated designer will always be assigned to you. However, since our designers are working in different time zones, there may be times when we need to reassign the project to another designer, especially if the project is time-sensitive.

What can I get from a design request?

With each request, you can get an image, video, 2D animation, or GIF, depending on your subscription plan. You can also ask for multiple variations of the same creative per request.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, you can cancel at any point if you no longer want to avail of our services - no documentation or any extensive process required. Just log in to your Sparkle account, go to Settings, and click the Cancel button under Subscription.

Do you make creative strategy briefs?

Yes! Sparkle's strategy brief covers the brand guidelines, logo, colors, font, and all other details that can help make the design process more seamless. On top of that, it also includes competitors' ads, social media, and original ideas for new creatives.

Do you offer copywriting services?

Yes! We can also write copy for your various needs, including ad copy, product descriptions, and headlines, to name a few.



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