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We developed our design processes and project management platform to take the stress out of design, whatever the project or timeline. SketchDeck offers three levels of design membership, tailored to the scope of your design needs.

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  • On-demand design



What do you need to start a project?

If you’re just looking to work on a one-off project, all you need is your un-designed content (sketches, rough PowerPoint, Word doc, etc.), a description or examples of what you’re looking to achieve and a credit card for payment. If you want us to follow your brand, we need a copy of your brand guidelines too.

What is a consistent design team?

On our paid memberships, we build a team of designers & project managers that work across all your projects. This provides greater consistency and more efficient design execution.

What is an Account Director?

On our Enterprise plans, we provide you with an Account Director. This person will help you get the most impact from design and support your business planning and strategy processes.

What is express delivery?

Our standard turnaround times are already fastβ€”typically 2-4 days per iteration. We know that sometimes you need to work even faster. With express delivery, we move your work to the top of the queue and deliver in 12-36 hours per iteration for standard-size projects. We charge a 50% premium for this service.

What is onboarding?

On our paid membership plans, we formally onboard you to SketchDeck. This involves understanding your goals & brand, training your team, identifying templates and similar that need to be created. On our Enterprise plans, we can do the onboarding onsite.

What is your platform?

As part of the SketchDeck membership, you get access to our design collaboration platform. This enables you and your team to see all the design files in your web browser; share them with your team, and add feedback directly on the design. No more endless email threads trying to describe the changes you need!

What projects do you work on?

We support many companies from startups to the enterprise with a wide range of creative & design needs. Examples include: rebranding, creating all the materials required for an event (presentations, collateral, booth, etc.); website design and development, presentation decks of all forms (sales, all hands, pitch, board, etc.); emails and landing pages.



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