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Product Alchemy

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Product Alchemy



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Graphic Design

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Diego Menchaca
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Product Alchemy

Product Alchemy is a design service for startup founders. Request unlimited UX/UI tasks for a flat monthly subscription, cancel anytime. Product Alchemy is an agency of one. I will be the only employee on the payroll and will outsource specific things to other designers, like illustrations or SVG animations.

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  • Delight your users
  • Turn on/off as you wish
  • Designed uniquely for you
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Proven design processes
  • Have less meetings

Product Alchemy


What happens after I start my subscription?

You will get an invitation email to your Notion workspace. From there you are all set to start listing unlimited tasks under "To do".

What happens if I’m not happy with the design?

We take your feedback very highly. If you are not happy we will rework the design until you 100% satisfied.

What is the average ETA for tasks?

Once a task is received we immediately give you an ETA. The average ETA is 3 days.

What programs does Product Alchemy use?

We use Notion to keep track of pending and done tasks, Loom videos for presenting results, Figma for designing, Webflow for building stunning sites and Useberry for user research.

Who are Product Alchemy's designers?

Product Alchemy is a company of one (inspired by Paul Jarvis' book). You will work with me, the founder. For specific things like SVG animations or illustrations I bring along other designers.

How many tasks can I add under β€œTo do”?

There is no limit to the amount of tasks you can add to your queue. Important to keep in mind that each task is worked one at a time.

Is there a limit to how complex tasks can be?

No, tasks can be as complex as you need. Before we get started with a complex task our first step is to divide into smaller ones, this will help you have better visibility and for us move faster.

Do Product Alchemy work with contracts?

No contracts to sign, only a monthly subscription. If you need an NDA, no problem at all, we can sign one.

Does Product Alchemy offer a refund?

Yes. Your decision to work with Product Alchemy is reversible and not written in stone. If you paid and within 30 days you are no happy, you get your money back.

How can I stop or cancel my subscription?

Very simple, just send us an email and will do it within the same day. There is no minimum contract minimum length or cancellation fee.

Product Alchemy


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