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Media Workbench

THE SUBSCRIPTION-BASED ALL-in-one creative solution

DESIGN AND MEDIA SERVICES with unparalleled flexibility

Graphic Design, Animation, Websites β€” as you need it, when you need it


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  • Graphic Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Animation
  • Illustrations
  • Motion Design
  • Website Design

Media Workbench


Why would I choose Media Workbench over hiring someone full-time?

This question really highlights why this is a better option!

  • In Australia, hiring a senior-level full-time designer sees average annual salaries easily exceeding $100,000.
  • In Australia, hiring an experienced web developer full-time is similar with average annual salaries exceeding $95,000.
  • In Australia, hiring an experienced animator or motion graphics artist full-time often sees annual salaries around $85,000.

That is not to mention onboarding, paying benefits like superannuation and leave. Plus, if you do not always have the work for them to be delivering, you are stuck paying for their time with nothing in return.

With a single monthly plan, you get access to the experience and skills of all those roles. Through one web portal you not only create and manage requests, but you can pause and resume your subscription with one click and as little or as often as you like. Any remaining days in your monthly plan are held onto when paused, and restored when your subscription is resumed when you have work ready to request.


Who creates the content I request?

Believe it or not but Media Workbench is primarily an agency of one individual, me, the creator of Media Workbench. Having worked for decades across agencies and organisations, in mid and senior level designer, developer, and motion graphics roles β€” I now bring all of that to Media Workbench, for you.

How many requests can I submit to Media Workbench?

When you subscribe you are immediately given your own workbench, through which you can submit as many requests as you like. There is no limit.

You have two columns to manage your requests:

  • In Reserve: For all those requests you’re not ready to potentially get production started on.
  • The Request Stack: A stack of requests that you want to have worked on.

Above The Request Stack is the Active Request box. This is your single request that is currently being worked on. You can drag requests here, otherwise whatever is at the top of The Request Stack is automatically moved into the Active Request box.


What design and media services can I request?

There is a wide range of graphic design, animation, and website design + development services available.

When you make a request, all the available services are listed on the right-hand side. Hover over a service to get more details about them.

When you select a service as part of your request, some details about it will appear to guide you as to what you should include in your request when including that particular service.

When you select multiple services they automatically will get added as checklist items to help in the clear tracking of the request.


Is there a trial period?

Yes, when you register and purchase a subscription you get a 3 day FREE trial before you are billed for your first month. Feel free to try out the platform, make requests, move priorities around, invite team members.

How fast will I receive my designs from Media Workbench?

It will depend on the request you have submitted. You may receive designs in a couple days or even less, while animations will take a little longer, and websites a bit longer again.

Whatever the request, expect consistent updates from Media Workbench as to the progress, and if there is anything requiring your feedback or review.


What happens when I pause at Media Workbench?

When you do not have any requests but still have some time remaining in the month you have subscribed for, you’ll want to pause. Pausing your subscription lets you save the days you have remaining in your subscription for when you need them.

For example, if you have 20 days remaining until your next billing cycle, but no more requests you want to have completed, pausing will let you save those 20 days. While paused, the workbench becomes inactive. When you then resume your subscription, you will start with 20 days remaining until your next billing cycle. This means your next monthly billing cycle would begin its month 20 days from the day you resumed your subscription.

Do note, you can only have your workbench on pause for a maximum of twelve months before you lose the days that you have banked, though your workbench will still remain paused.


How do I receive content and give feedback at Media Workbench?

When Media Workbench produces content for you to review, your request will receive an update on the website showcasing that content. You will then be prompted underneath to provide feedback and either approve it or request revisions.

Whilst a request has content to review, it is placed in the For Review column, and the next request in The Request Stack is moved into the Active Request. Once feedback is given the request will either be moved back as the Active Request or moved into the Completed column. All this request movement happens automatically.


Is there a limit to the number of changes I can request to Media Workbench?

No there is not. You can Request Revisions on any content you are reviewing and that process has no limit. At the end of the day, you need to be happy with what you receive, and so there is no limit to that number of changes you can request.

What software do you use at Media Workbench?

For standard graphic design services Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign are used.

For animation services Adobe After Effects is used.

For website services a variety of coding software is used. All websites are designed in Adobe Photoshop first.


Where are final files stored?

Attached to your workbench is a library, in which all final files are provided and able to be filtered by request type. Easily see what file format each file is, along with what request they were created for.

After accepting the content for a request, a new update on the request will include all the files requested, along with those files always being available in the library.


What about website hosting?

We can provide website hosting for websites we have developed for you and simply attach it as an additional subscription to your account, making it easy to receive invoices.

All the websites we host come with SSL certificate, we manage any plugin or CMS updates, we do backups, and watch over your website for you while you focus on what’s most important to you, your content and your audience.

The advantage those who host with us find is that it is hosted with those who know your website inside and out, who wrote every line of code, so any future changes are a breeze to make.


How do I submit a request to Media Workbench?

Once you purchase your subscription your workbench is automatically created and you can start submitting requests immediately. At the top of your workbench is the β€œNew Request” button, click that and fill out the fields then submit β€” it’s as easy as that.

What if I only have minimal requests?

If you only have one or two requests that’s alright. We will deliver your requests then once they are completed you can simply pause your subscription and return when you want to ask for additional services.

Can I let others have access to my workbench?

You can easily invite others to join your workbench. On your account page when you click to manage your workbench you have a button at the top which says β€œInvite to Workbench”. That provides a link anyone can follow to register / sign-in and they will automatically be added to your workbench.

Otherwise there is a box to simply provide their email address and we will automatically email them for you, explaining what the workbench is, and how they can register to join it.


Do you provide refunds?

If it is your first month of your subscription and not put any requests into production, we are happy to refund you less $500.00 for administration, processing, and management fees.

Otherwise refunds are not given except in rare circumstances, assessed on a case-by-case basis.


Media Workbench


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