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Lightning UX

Lightning UX is an on-demand UX design subscription service which allows businesses to quickly get access to professional UX design for as long or as short as they need.

Lightning UX offers the following services:

- User Research

- UI Design

- Prototyping

- Web & SaaS Design

- Wireframes

- Heuristic Reviews

- UX Copy

- Accessibility Reviews

- Usability Testing

- Information Architecture

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  • UI/UX Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Webflow Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Prototyping
  • Wireframes

Lightning UX


How many clients do you have at Lightning UX?

The number of clients at any given moment is restricted to three. Providing every client with the best possible designs is the priority, not getting as many clients as possible.

When all client slots are taken, others cannot subscribe on the site anymore. When places open up, so does the ability to subscribe again.


How do I request designs to Lightning UX?

When you subscribe, you'll get a welcome email with a link to your own personal Trello board.

On the board, you'll be able to add your design requests, and one-by-one we will work through them for you.

You can invite as many members of your team as you like to your Trello board.


How quick do I get my designs from Lightning UX?

Typically your designs will be with you in a few working days.

If your requests are slightly more complicated, the design may take longer. For example, a simple landing page might take two days, whereas an analysis of your user feedback along with suggestions about how you update the user journeys for your app might take a week or longer.

Regardless, you'll have an oversight of progress on your company's unique Trello board.


When do you work?

Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays in the UK).

How do you provide designs at Lightning UX?

If the design is visual, it will typically be shared via Figma. You will get access to the raw file, where you can tweak anything you like and share your comments.

If your request was for research or a specific review, other tools like FigJam, Notion or Google Docs may be used.

In some cases where more of an explanation is required around the work, I may supply a recording where I explain certain decisions.


What if I'm not happy?

No problem. While you're subscribed you have unlimited revisions of the work.

I want to make sure you're 100% happy with the final design.


Do you offer meetings?

All new subscribers have a free introductory call, and we have an open calendar for clients who want to discuss an ongoing project or design task.

We do not offer recurring meetings (e.g. stand-ups) to ensure a timely response to all design tasks for all clients.

If you want to have a call before you subscribe, you can book a 30 minute slot via Cal.


Where is Lightning UX based?

In the UK, and so Lightning UX might be most useful to you if you operate in the UK or Europe. If you're overseas that's ok too, as the work happens asynchronously anyway.

Do you offer refunds at Lightning UX?

If you request a refund and have not requested any work, you can get a partial refund of 80%. Partial refunds are offered due to the time it will take me to perform the administrative work to cancel your subscription and undo the work I would've done setting up your account.

If you have requested work then unfortunately I do not offer refunds due to the time commitment I would've already made towards delivering your design assets.

I do not offer refunds if you are unhappy with a design. I am happy to work with you to ensure the design is meeting your needs, which is why I offer unlimited revisions and iterations during your subscription.


Lightning UX


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