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Koncepted is an on-demand design company that delivers outstanding design at scale for Web3 brands. Our designers craft next-day solutions for DeFi, NFT, play-to-earn and more. Koncepted provides all-inclusive design at scale for companies in Web3, gaming, retail, SaaS, and iGaming. Pairing the top 3% of global talent with a frictionless CMS, we streamline the entire design process from initial brief to finished product. We guarantee next-day turnarounds and offer unlimited revisions with plans that cover every creative and marketing need. Our expertise covers a vast range, from DeFi, NFTs, and play-to-earn in Web3, to gaming mechanics, retail branding, SaaS interfaces, and iGaming experiences, ensuring brilliant design solutions tailored to each industry.

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  • Unlimited design requests & revisions
  • Design management tool
  • Multiple brands under 1 project
  • Predictable pricing



Why Koncepted instead of hiring?

Going the traditional hiring route for a designer can be a lengthy and expensive process.Posting on multiple job boards, sifting through numerous applications, and then realizing the ideal candidate has already been snapped up elsewhere can be frustrating.And once you find someone, the financial commitment is substantial, with designer salaries often starting at $100k, excluding added employer benefits.In contrast, Koncepted offers a seamless solution tailored for Web3, gaming, fintech, and more.Get instant access to a dedicated team of top-tier designers, no hassle involved.With our frictionless workflow platform, we guarantee next-day turnarounds, ensuring that your business's faceβ€”its designβ€”is impeccable. With Koncepted, you get quality, speed, and affordability, all in one place.

What do I need before we get started?

You need to give us a good explanation of your product and provide some context on what you're doing and what the results should be.You can send us a full specification list of all features and content you want us to work on. Some clients send us wireframes and styling inspiration, but it's not a problem if you don't, we can always figure this out ourselves.Once we know the ins and outs of your product, we can get started with the first task.

What do senior designers bring to the table?

Senior designers bring extensive industry experience, advanced design skills, and leadership capabilities. They offer creative problem-solving, mentorship, and the ability to lead complex design projects. Their expertise ensures high-quality, impactful designs and fosters a collaborative and innovative design environment.

What does a dedicated project manager do?

A project manager keeps your project efficient and productive. They’ll communicate with you daily, help out with feedback sessions, and make sure your instructions are understood and followed by the team. In short, a project manager manages your project, so you don’t have to

What does conversion researcher do?

A conversion researcher is a specialist in optimizing and creating satisfying UX/UI and other creative visuals. They are dedicated on maximizing conversions.

What does concept designers do?

Concept designers are visionaries who explore the uncharted territories of design. They’re the pioneers, pushing the boundaries of design trends, emerging technology, mechanics, monetisation, and innovation across diverse industries. They envision and create interfaces that transform the way we interact with the world.

What does gamification strategist do?

Helps you create and implement a gamification strategy into your product using gaming techniques to motivate consistent participation and longterm engagement.

What does unlimited really mean?

We offer a flat rate design service that allows you to submit unlimited design tasks and do unlimited revisions. Your only cost is a membership fee you pay every month no matter how many requests or revisions you send in. You can submit as many tasks as you want to your project queue and your designer will work on it one at a time every business day.

What is the onboarding process like?

Once you subscribe to our platform, our project manager will schedule a call with you to discuss your project details. It takes us 1-2 days to become familiar with your project and goals, assemble the team that matches your current needs, and prepare the work plan.

What payments do you accept?

We accept major credit cards (Mastercard, Visa), crypto payments (Stable coins, ETH, BTC) and bank wires.

What value does a dedicated art director add to the project?

An art director leads the design team by giving ongoing creative counsel and advising on improvements to design and experience. They envision a visual language and scalable design that you can use across your company. The result is a consistent brand identity and unique aesthetic that will make your products highly memorable for years to come.

How does a subscription plan work?

Once you subscribe to a plan, you will receive

How does the work happen?

We’ve created a bespoke platform where all the work happens. It’s an all-in-one collaboration tool where you submit your design requests and set deadlines. You can also review daily progress, leave feedback on designs and get revisions based on your input.You can communicate with everyone assigned on your project directly within our web platform. We use a live chat that bridges the gap between you and our team. You can invite your teammates and give them different roles, depending on the access they should have

How quickly can I get my first design?

We usually deliver designs the same day or the next day if they're slightly more complex. We always communicate when you can expect your assets to arrive.Turnaround times show you how quickly we go from receiving your request to delivering designs to you. The turnaround times are calculated based on a typical design screen.Depending on the complexity of your request and your membership plan, the turnaround could differ from the one shown in the plan overview.

What are scheduled calls for?

Each plan has a set number of calls we take per month. Our goal is to be as efficient as possible and streamline work via feedback through our platform. We take calls to discuss the high-level overview of designs, art direction, project goals, and features, and to create a work plan.

What are turnaround times?

Turnaround times show you how quickly we go from receiving your request to delivering designs to you. The turnaround times are calculated based on a typical design screen.Depending on the complexity of your request and your membership plan, the turnaround could differ from the one shown in the plan overview.

Can I pause my subscription?

If you have an annual subscription, you have the ability to pause your subscription for a maximum of 3 months, or 3 times for 1 month each, and resume when you have more design requests. You can pause only at the end of your billing cycle.

Can I try your services before committing?

Setting up an efficient workflow and having enough time for iterations are really important for successful design projects. Experiencing our services as intended - which covers onboarding, workflow setup, feedback loop and asset delivery - nearly always takes a full month. For this reason, trying our services for less time is counterproductive and doesn’t give you a clear picture of how we actually work.

Do you offer custom plans?

Majority of our clients can fit within our 3 existing plans. However we do offer enterprise solution for larger projects that require more customization. Talk to our sales team to find out more.

How can I cancel my subscription?

To do this, simply login to our platform, go to billing settings and cancel your plan.Note that you need to cancel your subscription before the end of your billing cycle. There's a refund fee in place if you forget to cancel your plan. This fee is the cost we take from payment provider that we transfer over to you.

How do I provide feedback and request revisions?

Once you receive designs from our team, you will be able to preview them and tag all the requests right on top of these designs. You will also have the access to our rating tools that will help our team better understand where we stand in terms of our relatability to your project goals.



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