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Leon Downie, Andy Shedden, William Kaye
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Get flat rate graphic design services with unlimited revisions plus a cutting edge creative workflow and digital asset management platform at an exceptionally affordable price with a 14-day money-back guarantee!


No matter what industry you’re company is in, or the design assets that you need, the HIVO design team can make it for you. See below for a selection of our designers work across different clients and design mediums.

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  • Graphic Designs
  • Web Designs and Pages
  • Motion Graphics
  • Social Media & Graphics
  • Custom Illustrations
  • Video Editing



What makes HIVO different?

HIVO is the industry’s most modern and scalable digital asset management platform. It has been architected to take advantage of today’s open source technologies to ensure maximum value for our customers. So, whether you’re a business user or IT professional, we believe our platform is a prime candidate (if not the right choice) for your organisation.

Where is HIVO hosted?

HIVO is hosted with Amazon Web Services. Due to the use of AWS and Amazon S3, storage and scaling is not a problem.

How does HIVO initially upload images, documents, and videos?

Depending on the volume of assets you would initially like to upload, you can either use the HIVO uploader tool, or provide us with your assets to upload for you. We can also run duplicate removal scans and add or modify metadata during the initial ingest.

I forgot my passwor or login information

You can retrieve this information by clicking here and entering in the email address associated with your HIVO user account. Follow the prompts and the new password will be sent to your registered HIVO email account.

Is HIVO secure?

Yes, very. Information security and privacy is very important to us. If you're interested in learning more about our security posture, please ask our support team for more information.

Can HIVO create smaller version of images?

Yes, during uploading HIVO can automatically create pre-defined derivatives (based on the source file) with different quality, format and extension. This needs to be set up during the implementation.

Can HIVO transcode videos?

Yes, during uploading HIVO can automatically create pre-defined derivates (based on the source file) with different quality and format.

Does HIVO do backup assets?

Backups come standard with our Service Level Agreement. We have a strict, multiple back-up policy.

Does HIVO provide consulting and support services?

We offer an extensive range of consulting services and support services for both licensed and potential customers. Consulting can be a great way to help your organisation define specific requirements, flesh out use cases, kickstart your project or improve the adoption of HIVO throughout your business. A team of HIVO experts are readily available for customers already working with our support team, and for other support requests, we have a strong channel of certified HIVO partners available to help.What makes HIVO different?HIVO is the industry’s most modern and scalable digital asset



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