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Hero Design

Hero Design offers unlimited graphic design services that help small businesses, startups, marketing teams, and agencies, providing infinite revisions until you're happy for a flat-rate monthly fee! Whether you need on-going social posts, new branding guides, updated marketing materials, email signatures, advertisements or website/app designs β€” We've got you covered!

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  • Unlimited Designs & Revisions
  • Instant Communication
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Dedicated Hero Designer
  • Pick Your Schedule
  • 14 Days Money Back

Hero Design


Will my files be stored on Hero Design

Yes, we will host all your design files on Hero Design and Google Drive, including the source files that you will retain 100% ownership. We provide you with unlimited storage.

What does unlimited requests and revisions mean?

You can create as many requests to your dedicated designer as you want based on your priority.As your designer works on your projects, they will spend an average of two hours on each of them each business day. With our blazing fast turnarounds and professional quality designs, you’ll be amazed!

What happens if I don't like theservice?

You have 14 days to work with your designated designer and finish several projects.You can get a full refund and keep your completed designs if you still don’t love Hero Design.

What is the minimum contract term?

None! You can cancel at any time and for any reason

What makes Hero Design so affordable?

Hero Design has streamlined the design process to reduce costs and considerably reduce time and effort.Furthermore, each designer is matched with an average of four clients, so you can save money without sacrificing quality.

What time does my designer work?

We offer 2 schedules that your designer will work from: 9am – 5pm EST (US) or 9am – 5pm AEST (Australia) Monday to Friday. You are not charged additional fees for either schedules.You’ll receive 2 hours of work per day per subscription as long as you keep to this schedule, but please note that your designer will also work for other clients.

What type of design requests can I create?

Anything you can imagine, we can create. As long as you can effectively describe what you want through electronic communication or simply pick from our creative library β€” we’ll do it.

What's the process?

Submit Your Design Requests Create as many design requests as you want in our client portal. We’ll assign the most suitable hero designer dedicated just for you!

  1. Reviews & Revisions Your dedicated hero designer will work and communicate with you directly for as many revisions as you need.
  2. Enjoy Your Designs Get daily updates about request progress but also get full ownership of all source files your designers creates for you.
How good are the Hero Designers?

Hero Design only hires senior level designers with experience and skill. Having created a wide variety of professional level designs for businesses of all sizes, both small and publicly traded, each of our designers is more than capable of creating the designs we mention on our website.

How long is the turnaround time with Hero Design?

In most cases, simple projects can be completed within a day (or less), which means if you have multiple simple projects you can expect to complete several of them each day with a Hero Design subscription. Complex projects may require more time.A one-minute animated explainer clip with custom-drawn characters and images, for example, may take anywhere from 7 to 15 days to create. You can, of course, subscribe to multiple subscriptions to expedite the completion of your projects.

How many design requests can I create?

You can create as many requests to your dedicated designer as you want. Your designer will work their way through your projects each business day, working an average of 2 hours per day on your projects in the order you have prioritized. You’ll be amazed by our blazing fast turnarounds (average of less than 1 day turnaround) and professional quality designs!

How many designs can I get in a day?

For simple projects, expect an average turnaround of 12 hours or less. For more complex projects, this can of course vary. For example, a one minute animated explainer video will take an average of 7-15 days to complete, whereas an infographic may require less than 12 hours of turnaround. With one Hero subscription, you will receive 2 hours of daily design allotment from your Hero designer.

How many revisions do I have in a project?

You receive unlimited revisions. You can request for revisions until it meets your vision.

Can I add more hours of daily design work?

Yes, you’re always welcome to add additional Hero subscriptions. Each subscription provides you with 2 hours of daily design allotment.

Can I change my designer?

Our management team will spend a lot of time to ensure we match you with the perfect designer for your specific needs. If you don’t like the match for any reason, we’ll be happy to match you with a new designer within one business day.

How can I communicate with my designer?

Get daily updates about request progress but also get full ownership of all source files your designers creates for you.

Hero Design


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