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We’ve experienced the pains and frustrations of traditional graphic design ourselves. We’ve spent hours trying to find the best designers, paid extortionate rates for mediocre work and been let down by freelancers at the last minute - all of which lead us to setting up Hatchly. Our goal is simple – to create graphic design assets that are manageable, timesaving, affordable and high quality, for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Any design, unlimited requests, unlimited revisions. We’ve got you covered.

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  • Unlimited Requests & Revisions
  • Dedicated Designer
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Dedicated Creative Director
  • Project Managed Dashboard
  • Quality Assured Designs



Who owns the rights to the designs?

You own absolutely everything we send over - we can even send over the source files.

What designs are out of scope?

The following services are not included with any subscription:β€’ Copywritingβ€’ Video editing although we can do this subject to our assessment of the requirements β€’ Animations/Motion Graphics although we can do this subject to our assessment of the requirements β€’ Website/Landing page design although we can do this subject to our assessment of the requirements β€’ Logo design although we can do this subject to our assessment of the requirements β€’ Coding (HTML/CSS/JS) β€’ 3D / CADWe are a multi-disciplined and talented bunch of designers with a few members of our team specialising in video and animation, so if you do require this type of work please get in touch and we can let you know if we can help.

What designs are included with the Standard Plan?

With use of professionally made templates only: β€’ Banner Ads β€’ Blog Banners / Headers β€’ Business Cards β€’ Display Ads β€’ Email Banners / Headers β€’ Social Media Graphics β€’ Thumbnail Images We have a wide range of skills and styles to suit all types of graphic design. But if anything is missing from your requirements or if you are unsure which plan suits please get in touch. See some of our previous work by clicking here.

What designs are included with the Standard Plus / Pro Plan?

Any type of concept-based work for (but not limited to): β€’ Banner Ads β€’ Blog Banners / Headers β€’ Blog Graphics β€’ Brochures β€’ Business Cards β€’ Campaign Assets/Collateral β€’ Digital-based Designs β€’ Display Ads β€’ eBooks β€’ E-commerce Graphics β€’ Email Banners / Headers β€’ Event Graphics β€’ Favicons β€’ Flyers, Posters, Banners β€’ Icons β€’ Illustrations β€’ Infographics β€’ Letterhead β€’ Light Website Design β€’ Logo β€’ Marketing Collateral β€’ Newsletters β€’ One-Page PDFs β€’ Photo & Photoshop Editing β€’ Pitch Decks β€’ Presentation Design β€’ Print-based Designs β€’ Print Advertising β€’ Simple GIF animation β€’ Social Media Graphics β€’ Stickers β€’ Stock Photos β€’ Thumbnail Images We have a wide range of skills and styles to suit all types of graphic design. But if anything is missing from your requirements or if you are unsure which plan suits please get in touch. See some of our previous work by clicking here.

What does unlimited submissions and unlimited revisions mean?

With all of our subscriptions, you can ask for as many design requests and revisions as you like. We work on your designs every working day and keep you updated with where we are at with things. You are also partnered with a dedicated account manager so if you need something to take priority over another, we can take care of it.Furthermore, if you need any modifications or tweaks to the designs we send over, ask for as many as you like until we get it perfect for you!If you would like to book a demo to see how it all works first-hand, please click here.

What happens after I start my subscription?

We have partnered with Manyrequests who are currently managing our backend dashboard, so you will initially receive an email from them to setup your password. Your dashboard will then be ready for you to sign in and start submitting design requests straight away! You can also manage your profile and subscription through this as well.You shall also receive a welcome email from us and a personal email from your dedicated account manager to thank you for signing up and to help with your on-boarding.For any more questions, please contact us at info@hatchly.co.uk

What if I don’t like a design result?

Our business model means we are more than just design, we make sure to extract and ask for as much information as possible from you so we get a full understanding of the brief and requirements that enable us to create the best design possible.But please, on the very rare occasion where you feel you don't quite like the design, then do not be afraid to say something - just simply ask to see another concept/changes and we'd be more than happy to do so. Remember, all of our subscriptions offer unlimited revisions!

What is the turnaround time for my design requests?

We work on your designs every working day and we endeavour to get your designs back over to you as soon as possible. On average we can typically send a design back over within 24-72 hours. However, this can vary depending on: - The complexity of the design request(s) - How much contribution and collaboration there is and the clarity of instructions in the brief / design request(s) - The number of pages / slides / designs required - How long we have been working together for and how integrated we are into your business and brand - How many designs need to be run through our quality assurance process - If we are having to create new concepts vs. using/adapting existing templates Your account manager will always do their best to set a due date and work with you to prioritise and organise your submitted projects.

What makes you different and what is your quality assurance process?

We set ourselves apart from anyone else in the market. When we say dedicated, devoted and passionate team, we really mean it. We ensure each and every client of ours is well-looked after and that we integrate fully into their team, business and brand. We go above and beyond to make sure our ways of working and design quality is only to the highest standards.We believe that no other design agency or freelancer can compete with our business model through our unlimited on-demand design, the unique flat-fee pricing structure, design collaborative dashboard and pixel perfect quality - we make sure design is as easy, desirable and flexible for our clients as possible.We are a collaborative team and each piece of work will be quality checked with a fresh pair of eyes. Every project submitted is triple checked that it matches the brief, is pushed as far as the design can go in terms of quality and that everything is as it should be.

What programs do Hatchly use to design in?

We use all types of design software. We mainly use Adobe Creative Cloud but if our clients require us to design in a particular type of software such as Powerpoint, Google Slides, Word, Figma etc. then we are more than happy to do so as we are trained in all.

What's Template vs. Concept work?

Template based design is defined as utilising a selected batch of professionally designed templates* e.g. Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign files where the requirement is basic such as changing copy, imagery, colours etc.*Please note, template-based design is only available for simple graphic design projects such as social media designs and banners (see below what's in scope). More complex projects such as brochures and presentations would require a Standard Plus/Pro account.Concept based design is defined as more advanced projects that require a level of creative thinking and/or designs where we cannot use a pre-existing template.

How many designs can I expect per week?

Defining how many designs or requests our Hatchly designers can deliver on a weekly basis is extremely hard to predict as: β€’ Design is a creative process β€’ Requests come in all shapes, sizes and complexities β€’ Revisions on previous requests also have to be factored in β€’ How descriptive the briefs supplied are β€’ If we are using a template vs. generating a new concept However, we set the expectations of approx. 2 - 2.5 hours per day allocated to our clients projects. We'd recommend signing up with us for an initial 1-3 month period to assess our design output, performance and high design standards to make sure the plan you are on is perfectly suited - we are sure however that you won't be disappointed!

I have a lot of design projects - how do I work with my dedicated team to organise everything?

Included with each subscription comes an account manager, designer and creative director who all make sure to learn your ways of working and brand so you will never be left in the dark about where your project and/or design is up to in the process and when it will be delivered.Our approach is also very adaptive so we take the time to analyse your needs, what type of work is required, who the best team would be, what plan/output best suits and what projects should take priority, allowing us to effectively integrate into your workflow seamlessly and without stress.

I need to scale and increase my design output, can I do this?

Of course! If you would like to increase your design output, please drop us an email at info@hatchly.co.uk and we can upgrade your account for any amount of time.

We’re an agency, can we use Hatchly's services?

You sure can. We work with a whole host of agencies and can work white-labelled/under NDAs. We can work on your internal brand and your clients work as well.

What billing options do you offer?

All of our billing is taken through Stripe on one of our subscription plans.We are also happy to offer manual invoices but we will need a minimum commitment of 3 months due to the admin time involved in issuing and following up with invoices.

Can I invite multiple team members to use the dashboard and submit projects?

Absolutely! You can invite as many team members as necessary - they can then setup their profile and are free to submit their own design requests, keep up to date with all projects and communicate directly with our team.

Does Hatchly do custom plans?

Absolutely! No matter the level of output or design requirements, we can put together a custom plan that will suit.Get in touch and we can talk it through.

How do I cancel my current subscription with Hatchly?

Please email us at info@hatchly.co.uk and we can take care of that for you.

How do I know which Hatchly plan is the right for me?

Review your pain points with your current design circumstances, assess the type of design work required and your level of output and that will help decipher which Hatchly plan will suit.We are more than happy to talk it through with you in more detail so please feel free to book in for a call and we can point you in the right direction.



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