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Graphically is a creative services company that provides a global network of customers with unlimited customized graphic and illustration design, at one flat rate.

We saw a big problem in the space of on-demand graphical and illustration design. People who want graphics on short notice are either at the mercy of inexperienced Fiverr designers, or over-priced, limited-availability graphic designers. There was no middle ground.

That is the entire mission of Graphically. To provide consistent on-demand graphical and illustration design on short-notice, whenever anyone needs it โ€“ without the arm-and-leg costs of a graphic designer thatโ€™s actually available anytime theyโ€™re needed for work, on retainer.

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  • Unlimited Graphic Design
  • Unlimited Revision Requests
  • No Questions Asked Refund Policy
  • Stock images/videos included
  • Design Quality and Consistency
  • SOC 2 Compliant Service Dashboard



What exactly do we mean by "Unlimited Graphic Design"?

When we say unlimited, weโ€™re talking about your freedom to assign a continuous stream of creative tasks to our skilled designers. Each day, our dedicated designers will put their artistic superpowers to work on a specific number of tasks based on your subscriptionโ€™s bandwidth, ensuring timely delivery within the specified timeframe. Youโ€™ll be thrilled to know that revisions are boundless too, granting you the power to request as many tweaks as you desire for a particular task.

What is the process for handling design requests?

Design requests are processed sequentially from the queue, taking into consideration the available bandwidth of your account. If there are any priority requests, you can either submit the ticket for the same or mention them in the order title, and we will give them precedence and process them first.

What is the typical turnaround time for orders?

The turnaround time for regular tasks such as logos, infographics, business cards, and similar items is usually 24-36 hours. However, for more extensive projects like videos, brochures, and lengthy documents such as menus, the turnaround time is typically 48-56 hours.

What specific information should be included when initiating a project?

The details to be submitted will vary depending on the design style you seek. To simplify matters, we have distinct categories outlining the general prerequisites for various design styles that you might require. You are welcome to provide additional information that you believe is necessary to ensure that the resulting design aligns with your expectations.

When are the designers available?

Our designers are available from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 7pm IST. On Saturdays, our team works half days. For design requests received during these working hours, the typical turnaround time is 24-36 hours. Any orders received on Saturday will be processed promptly on Monday.

Is it possible for us to make edits to the files ourselves after receiving them?

Certainly! You have the flexibility to make edits on your own as we provide source files along with the designs. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can always contact us for any edits you require.

Is there a specific duration of the contract we need to commit to when subscribing to the service?

There is no minimum contract duration when subscribing to the service. You have the freedom to cancel at any time, and a 7-day risk-free refund policy is in place for your convenience.

Do specific types of requests incur additional charges that need to be paid?

No additional fees are required for any particular design request. All services within our scope are covered by the monthly fees.



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