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GetAds delivers frictionless creatives, with a focus on image & video ads from a professional team that understands advertising.

After working with countless freelancers, relying on clients to provide ad creatives, and trying some of the more popular design services out there we knew something had to be done for people who were looking to scale their creatives.

GetAds works primarily on ad creatives for platforms such as Meta, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and so on, but can produce designs and video creatives for other purposes such as social media graphics, print materials, blog images, and more.

Our team is made up of the top 1% of designers, video editors and motion designers. We eat, sleep and breathe ad creatives.

Each team member is heavily vetted, trained and tested not only on their editing/design skills but also on consumer psychology, and human behavior and advertising fundamentals to ensure that our deliverables are top notch.

Our platforms makes it easy to submit a request in minutes and our plans offer as little as 24-hour turnaround times (depending on design complexity).

Because we back our work up, we also offer a 14-Day Money Back Happiness Guarantee.

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  • On-Demand Conversion-Driven Ad Creatives
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • Unlimited Brands On All Plans
  • As Little As 24-Hr Turnarounds
  • Source Files Upon Request
  • Internal Communication Available (via Slack)



What counts as a revision?

A revision is started as soon as a comment is added in the portal or our feedback tool, and the designer has to go back to the file to make a change, this includes small changes such as changing the text in an image or position of elements. In general, if the designer needs to make any changes to creatives, a revision is started. There is no limit to the number of revisions, but this will affect the turnaround time of the final deliverable, so try to submit all your revisions at once.

What does a "brand" mean in each of the plans?

A brand is a company identity. All plans include unlimited brands that our team can work on creatives for you.

What exactly is a request?

A request is in its most simple terms a service order for design or video work. Depending on your plan, for each request, you can "order" up to a certain number of creatives (this includes variants).

What happens if my payment doesn't go through?

In the case that your payment doesn't go through, all ads will be placed on hold until payment is cleared. Once payment is cleared all work will resume.We will automatically try to charge your card on file three times for three consecutive days after it declines a first time. If on the third try the payment doesn't go through your account will be cancelled & all work will be placed on hold.

What is a variant?

A variant is either referring to the number variations you're going to be receiving. This can either be size/dimension variants or it can be color variants that follow a similar design layout.

How many requests can I put in at once?

Basic Plan = 1 request at a timePro Plan = 2 requests at a timeAgency Plan = 5 requests at a time *You can have multiple requests in at once, but your designer will only work on the amount allowed on your plan at the same time. If you have two requests in and you have the basic plan, your designer can only work on one at a time, until one is placed on hold or completed, then will they be able to work on the other request.

I forgot to cancel my account and don’t plan on using the service further. Can I get a refund?

All refunds must meet the criteria of our Happiness 14-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you planned on canceling your subscription but were still charged because you didn’t cancel before the billing period, the refund is no longer applicable ( unless it meets the Happiness 14-Day Money Back Guarantee ). However, if this is the case, you can continue to use the service until the end of the billing period, at which point, if canceled you should no longer be billed. If you don’t use up the remaining ad requests in your plan, should you sign up again, you’ll be able to use the unused requests of the subscription.

If I want more variations of request that’s already been marked as complete, do I have to create a new request?

You do not have to create a new request, but any revision that causes the total number of variants allowed per request (5) to go over that amount will be considered as a new request towards your monthly allowed requests ( depending on your plan this can vary ).

Can I get a refund for my Ad Hoc Creatives purchase?

No, because of the resources used, Ad Hoc Creatives are non-refundable.

Can I submit two requests with my Ad Hoc Creatives purchase?

No, you can only submit one request with the purchase of Ad Hoc Creatives. However, you're able to receive up to 3 variants of the creatives you request, in either video or static format, but not both.

Can you guys create other assets that are not ads?

Yes. Although GetAds is first and foremost an ad creative-focused service, our team can work on other types of creative assets for you with the same level of expertise.

Do we need to sign a contract?

No. There are no contracts that need to be signed, all of our plans have month-to-month options. You can cancel any time.

Do you guys only communicate through the portal?

No. We recently added the option to purchase an add on that gives Integrated Communication In Slack . With this add-on, we create a shared slack channel where you can invite members of your organization and an account manager will streamline communication and relay information back to your designer(s) and video editor(s).

Do you offer refunds?

We have our Happiness 14-Day Money Back Guarantee. All monthly plans are backed by a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not 100% happy with our service in the first 14 days you can cancel and request a refund, period. We value your trust and partnership more than anything. Please check our Terms & Conditions for more details on refunds.

Do you write the ad copy for the ads?

No, we will not be creating any copy for the ad creatives, in your request, you have the option to provide specific ad copy for your creatives (this is preferred). If you/your team fails to provide ad copy on an ad request our team will take a look at the copy on the website/landing page and use some of the wording there and use a mix of ChatGPT and internal team members to come up with copy that our team deems appropriate and high-performing.

Does a revision increase the final turnaround time?

Yes. Each revision adds an additional 48 hours to your turnaround time.

Does "as little as 24-hour turnaround" include weekends?

No. 24 hours are business days/hours. i.e. your ad request or revision is submitted on a Saturday or Sunday your ~24 hours turnaround time starts on Monday of the following week. Many requests will take longer than 24 hours depending on complexity/assets provided for the request.



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